MarTech Series Interviews CEO Dmitri Lisitski On How CMOs Can Apply New Solutions To Refine Their Account Targeting

MarTech Series sat down with Dmitri Lisitski to discuss B2B marketing and how CMOs can apply new solutions to their existing ABM stack for more refined account targeting.

Does Influ2 replace the dependency on ABM platforms?

Influ2 doesn’t replace or erase the concept of ABM; instead, it takes ABM further. It narrows it down to the level of a person, rather than the account. That is why it is more effective.

You wouldn’t talk to the marketing manager of the company the same way you’d talk to its CFO. ABM offers very limited capabilities to differentiate between the two when showing them an ad.

We use a PBM (person-based marketing) approach, which means you get to talk to the person, so you know who sees your message and what is relevant for this person to use in your communication.

What made you launch a B2B person-based marketing platform?

When I first learned about account-based marketing, it was love at first sight. The concept of an account as a target market was such an obvious breakthrough for B2B marketing. However, a more diligent analysis of the concept raised tough questions.

  • Would you like all people inside the account to see your ads or just the stakeholders?
  • How do I limit my campaign to reach just the stakeholders?
  • How do I know that those stakeholders actually saw my campaign?
  • What drew their attention?
  • Which of them visited my website and which didn’t?

So, we came up with an upgrade to the ABM concept — person-based marketing, or PBM.

Our primary focus was making advertising efficient, ideally by showing ads only to the decision-makers within the targeted company, tracking ad impact at the individual level and providing the background for actionable follow-up as soon as a click happened.

How does Influ2 exactly fit into a B2B CMO’s tech stack?

Influ2 is integrated with major CRM systems, so you can import a list of people who you want to see your ads and then export all the data about who viewed and clicked your ads back to the CRM.

Our solution allows you to warm up leads before your demand generation or lead generation teams reach out to them. It is an additional, yet unique, touchpoint in the client journey.

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