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Posted by Daria IvanovaJun 16, 20234 min

How Influ2 Сustomers Maximize Account-Based Marketing ROI

In this article, we share a few tips on how to use Influ2 to get the most out of your person-based advertising strategy.
Daria Ivanova
Daria Ivanova
Marketing Director at Influ2

The only way you can be successful in marketing is when you can show that you're contributing to growth and revenue in the company.

Charles Beeler, General Partner of Rally Ventures

It’s a tough market right now, so marketers are facing more pressure and stricter budget constraints than ever before. We know marketing needs to prove its value, and do it in a way that’s transparent to all stakeholders.

That’s why we’re excited to share that Influ2 was just recognized by our customers on G2 for the best estimated return on investment (ROI).

Receiving recognition from G2 for The Best Estimated ROI, based on customers’ feedback, validates the efficacy of our approach. We give marketers a tangible way to prove the impact that their efforts have on sales goals. And, our customers are clearly seeing the return.

Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-Founder of Influ2

How Influ2 Customers Achieve Great ROI

Fastest implementation in the space

Not only does our solution prove the best return, but we also make it faster and easier to reach those returns. We know time is a valuable resource, so have put intuitive solutions and processes in place for customers to go to market quickly with minimal lift. Our clients’ reviews also earned us G2 badges for fast implementation and the easiest admin.

Can you fall in love with a vendor? When the contract got finally signed, the handover to implementation and customer success was so smooth and diligently handled, as if it is taken from the customer success textbooks (are there such?!). Even the internal processes are taken care of. And again, the guys there are smart, I'm telling you.

Adir Ben Ezri, Sapiens

Efficient budget use on specific targets

Once you know your precise target audience, our proprietary person-based advertising (PBA) technology only serves ads to those exact individuals. By only targeting specific people and buying groups within your ideal customer profile (ICP), you eliminate wasted ad spend that comes with all other account-based advertising solutions.

With PBA technology, you can send a tailored, relevant message to the exact person you want to reach via display and social networks. It produces hyper-targeted ads that are more engaging to decision-makers, so ultimately more effective.

You don't have to waste ad spend spraying and praying that you are reaching the right people.

Amy Grucela, CommCreative

Person-based actionable signals for your sales team

Influ2 streamlines ad engagements such as impressions, clicks and visits directly into your organization’s CRM. Sales teams can also receive automated engagement alerts on the platform of choice e.g. Slack, email, etc.

With this cross-department reporting, sales teams know exactly who to follow up with and what advertising messages resonated with each individual. Marketing teams can also see how quickly sales teams are moving on advertising engagement signals to ensure maximum returns. Conversions are accelerated with marketing and sales teams working in unison to prioritize the outreach.

Most of the time, the most granular a platform can get is 'Persona A' at 'XXX Company', and many can't even report back at that level of granularity. Influ2 allows you to not only target specific individuals, but report back out on them as far as engagement, clicks, etc.

Josh Pearsen, CommCreative

Accelerated velocity of existing deals

When it feels like the marketer’s job is done, you can actually do more to help sales teams close more active deals and close them faster.

All decisions today are made by buying groups. Sales teams typically focus on building relationships with one or two “champions” within the buying group. However, advertising is a valuable tool to influence multiple stakeholders in the buying group simultaneously and identify additional “champions.”

There are no limits to what you can do with this tool's capabilities if you know your ideal buyer. Here are some things we did: targeting buying committee of the accounts which had already started sales conversations with us to support our sales team and speed up deal closure.

Anna Sharma, Bright Data

This is how you measure ROI with Influ2

Influ2 advanced reporting empowers marketers to understand and report on the precise dollar amount and number of opportunities influenced by Influ2 advertising.

With our reporting, engagement signals are linked to specific contacts within your CRM to prove:

  • the number of new opportunities marketing has influenced
  • the extent to which this influence has increased conversion rates for sales development
  • the impact on the deals velocity and overall closing rate
  • the effectiveness of retention and upselling programs

We are the mediator that makes it easier for marketing and sales to align on their shared goal – retaining and increasing revenue with long-term value customers.

Intents are new leads, Influ2 is the only proof of it. We have the best ROI from Influ2 campaigns.

Arpana Priyadarshini, Cyxtera Technologies
Daria Ivanova
Daria Ivanova
Marketing Director at Influ2

Daria Ivanova is a Marketing Director at Influ2. Before taking on her current role, Daria led Influ2’s ABM initiatives advocating for the importance of humanized B2B advertising. Her expertise extends beyond digital marketing and into the open waters as a cross-continental swimmer. So, conquering challenging long-term projects is something she does without a second thought.

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