Achieve greater precision across your B2B marketing and sales programs with Buying Group Marketing

Evolve your Account-Based Marketing by focusing on and engaging with groups of people making decisions at your target accounts.

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What is Buying Group Marketing?

Buying Group Marketing (BGM) focuses on finding and engaging the buying groups and key decision-makers inside your target accounts. It's about continuously monitoring engagement and sentiment and adapting a marketing and sales experience responsive to their purchase journey.

Put the buyer back into B2B with Buying Group Marketing

Forrester’s Principal Analyst (Account-Based Marketing), Malachi Threadgill, joined Influ2 to share buyer trends driving the need for Buying Group Marketing (BGM). Together with Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing at Influ2, he shared how to best structure Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall to engage buying groups.


Key tenets of Buying Group Marketing

There are three fundamental pillars for executing Buying Group Marketing:

  1. Strategy – Focus on understanding business needs and creating a holistic marketing strategy for ongoing success.
  2. Experience – Focus on the ‘art’ and orchestration of experience required for marketing success.
  3. Smarketing – Focus on how to strategically, operationally and practically align with sales.
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"At the heart of ABM is a buying group that ultimately makes the decisions. That's why we developed Influ2. To give B2B marketers the power to reach key decision-makers at their target accounts.

"Buying Group Marketing will empower B2B marketers to achieve greater precision by extending this approach more holistically across their programs."

Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-Founder