Operationalize person-based insights through your existing workflows

Enhance your existing Account-Based Marketing activities and workflows with actionable person-based insights, and focus on the key decision-makers within your target accounts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

Your CRM is one of the most important tools fueling your marketing and sales workflow. Influ2 connects to your CRM, enabling you to target pre-built lists in your CRM and engage with these key contacts through various digital and social media advertising channels. The returned person-based insights can then be synced directly into your CRM to help drive actionable sales activity and outcomes.

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)
Sales Engagement

How Salesforce enables your teams

Send automatic notifications based on set ad engagement thresholds and create events for leads, contacts, and accounts. Select any default or custom Salesforce field to sync person-based engagement metrics such as impressions, clicks, and visits. Create target campaign lists in Salesforce and run Influ2 ad campaigns against these dynamic lists.

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Learn how to operationalize Person-Based Advertising insights

Take your digital and social media advertising out of the dark funnel and enhance your Account-Based Marketing activities with actionable person-based insights.