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Truly coordinating your sales and marketing

B2B advertising designed to influence sales

Control who interacts with your ads and guide those interactions to conversions.

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Person-based ads, contact-level engagement, and a whole lot more

Target specific decision makers by name

Use our unique person-based advertising technology to target specific buyers so that sales and marketing know exactly who sees ads, and the GTM team stays in front of the same people.

Person-based targeting
Know exactly who sees your ads

Identify people that you’ve influenced with your ads, so that marketing and sales are always talking to the same people.

Show ads where your buyers are
Launch multi-platform campaigns in a couple of clicks

See contact-level engagement data

For every prospect, see who’s engaged with ads and how they’re interacting with sales—all in a single report. Keep teams aligned on the decision-makers, messaging, and the next steps that will most likely lead to conversion.

Personal reporting
Uncover intent for every buyer

Understand what interests buyers and the problems they need to solve, based on how each of them interacts with the value props of your ads.

Use the data to start relevant conversations
Get a holistic view of account influence

Build individual buyer journeys at scale

Every buyer moves at their own speed. Take the necessary time to lead them through the sales cycle, while automatically personalizing every step of the experience.

Buyers' journeys
Automatically push relevant content

Set up custom rules based on various data triggers to change ads and advance content depending on how each buyer progresses.

Design custom journeys for every audience
Connect content to each sales stage

Cultivate long-term relationships across audiences

Group decision makers by the categories that make the most sense for your business (i.e., persona, industry, awareness level). Offer each audience relevant content, while tracking the relationships all the way to the finish line.

Be aware of what your targets have already seen

Build on the content and messaging you’ve already delivered, deepening the influence and impact of your program.

Track how GTM strategy performs for different audiences
Continuously optimize based on what’s landing

Help sales prioritize their outreach

Keep sales and marketing working in lockstep. While marketing runs its program, sales receives info on how to prioritize prospects, who to call, and what to say. Both teams will have full transparency into how these signals are being used.

Sales priorities
Hand sales the names and talking points

Tell sales when to contact certain buyers based on engagement data. Deliver personalized talk tracks through email, Slack, Teams, SFDC and the Influ2 dashboard.

Monitor if engagement signals are acted on
Measure how quickly sales acts on outreach opportunities

Measure exact impact on revenue

From customer to customer and deal to deal, track how sales and marketing efforts influence revenue goals. You’ll always know how many opportunities and real dollars result from your program—marketing impact on revenue is a no-brainer.

Revenue reporting
Know how much pipeline was created, progressed, and won

Say goodbye to vanity metrics. Use our revenue reporting for a definitive look at how your program impacts the pipeline.

Take a closeup view of each deal
Measure how advertising amplifies sales results


We integrate where your team already works

+ custom integrations for your particular system and setup

Ads that help you sell. It’s really that simple.

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Ads that help you sell
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