Person-based insights in Salesforce

Put person-based insights directly into the hands of your sales team by piping Influ2's ad engagement metrics into Salesforce.


Operationalize your Person-Based Advertising campaign insights

Never miss a 'hot' lead! Make the most of valuable engagement metrics from your Person-Based Advertising campaigns (e.g. impressions, clicks, visits, and goals) by syncing these directly into Salesforce for your team to take action. Create custom fields to sync metrics automatically and pipe these insights into your existing workflows and reports.


Uncover new audiences to engage

Not every one of your target accounts is in market all the time. Use our Audience Discovery tool to uncover and engage with new audiences. If these contacts aren't already in your database, easily send them into Salesforce for your sales team to follow up with.


Synchronize your Person-Based Advertising campaigns with sales

Keep your Person-Based Advertising campaigns in sync with your sales activity, by connecting existing Salesforce campaign lists to Influ2. Send valuable Influ2 data, such as the Buying Group Engagement (BGE) score, to Salesforce and allow your team to target the highest engaged accounts at the right time.

Make your advertising budget work harder!

Use Person-Based Advertising to reach the key decision-makers of your target accounts, understand who has engaged with you, and use these insights to act with precision across your B2B marketing and sales.