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Case StudyApr 12, 20223 min

How One Door’s Person-Based Advertising Resulted in 21% Lift in Demo YoY

Taking a Person-Based Advertising approach helped One Door’s marketing and sales team connect and meaningfully engage with key personas at the world’s biggest retailers.
Ken Kuperstein
Ken Kuperstein
Director of Marketing at One Door

About One Door

One Door is a leading visual merchandising platform that helps retailers streamline and optimize their store operations and space planning, ensuring consistent style across multiple locations.

The company successfully implemented a Person-Based Advertising approach to connect and engage with key personas at prominent retailers worldwide. By targeting the right buying groups within these accounts, One Door enhanced its marketing influence and drove pipeline growth.

The Challenge

While One Door was targeting large retail accounts, it discovered that reaching specific buying groups critical to its success was a challenge. These groups typically comprised only 15-20 decision-makers amidst thousands of employees. 

Traditional digital advertising campaigns generated a high volume of clicks, but failed to effectively engage the key decision-makers. As a result, One Door lacked visibility into whether its intended targets were actively engaging with their ads.

Moreover, the lengthy sales cycles necessitated maintaining brand presence throughout the prospect's journey. With traditional tools, it became difficult to justify large ad campaigns without confirmation that the right targets were engaged.

The Solution with Influ2

One Door decided to leverage Person-Based Advertising to effectively focus on and engage with the specific buying groups within target accounts. So they turned to Influ2. 

Hyper-personalizing ads

The PBA approach allowed them to filter out irrelevant contacts and exclusively engage with key decision-makers, resulting in more meaningful interactions.

To optimize their campaigns, One Door developed tailored ad creatives and content for buying personas. This personalized approach ensured that each person within the buying group received an ad tailored to their defined role. Additionally, they experimented with lightly customized ads with the name of the retailer, resulting in an impressive 340% increase in click-through rates (CTR), reaching 1.10%.

This strategy enabled One Door to passively engage with key decision-makers continuously, ensuring their brand remained top-of-mind throughout the sales process.

Using engagement data

This data-driven approach empowered One Door's sales team with valuable insights into interest and engagement levels among decision-makers at target accounts. The ability to identify and hand off contacts who engaged with ads to the sales team generated excitement and confidence in the quality of leads.

One Door's marketing team appreciated the visibility and positive results achieved through Influ2, enabling them to align their efforts with sales seamlessly:

Influ2 is one of the most reliable ways to know that an individual has engaged with you and that’s an important part of why we're using Influ2 to ensure that we put our branding front and center with engaged prospects.

Ken Kuperstein, Director of Marketing at One Door

The Results

Implementing the Person-Based Advertising approach with Influ2 yielded remarkable results for One Door's sales and marketing teams. The most striking achievement was a year-over-year increase of 21% in product demos.

The other key outcomes were as follows:

  • 62% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) YoY.
  • 66% increase in branded searches for One Door YoY, indicating enhanced brand recognition.
  • 70% of the pipeline influenced by marketing efforts, highlighting the impact of the Person-Based Advertising approach.
  • 340% increase in CTRs achieved by utilizing customized ads, reinforcing the effectiveness of tailored messaging
The conslusion

Through the strategic implementation of Person-Based Advertising, One Door successfully increased their marketing-influenced pipeline, effectively engaged decision-makers, and improved overall brand recognition. Which ultimately led to significant business growth.

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