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How DISCO Adopted Person-Based Advertising to Generate Pipeline Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic thrust DISCO into a ‘new reality’. Unable to rely on SDR outreach and events for a majority of their outreach, DISCO used Person-Based Advertising to close this gap and reconnect to its audience.
Keith Schrodt
Keith Schrodt
Director of Marketing at DISCO


DISCO provides a cloud-based software platform that enables law firms, corporations, and government agencies to streamline and simplify the complex process of legal discovery. 

Their technology combines advanced data processing, artificial intelligence, and intuitive user interfaces to enhance the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of document review and analysis, ultimately helping legal professionals make informed decisions during litigation and investigations.

The problem

Before the pandemic, DISCO heavily relied on more analog approaches to reach its audience: physical events and phone-based SDR outreach. However, the pandemic forced a sudden shift to a remote, digital-first workplace literally overnight, throwing their sales process into chaos.

The pandemic disrupted DISCO's traditional outreach methods, making it difficult to connect with a remote, digital-first audience. Prospects working from home were no longer attending events or answering work phones, leaving DISCO struggling to engage and re-establish meaningful connections.

The solution with Influ2

To bridge the engagement gap caused by the pandemic, DISCO partnered with Influ2 to leverage Person-Based Advertising (PBA) campaigns. This approach enabled DISCO to target specific decision-makers at their key accounts with personalized ads and content, ensuring a higher level of engagement.

After a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), DISCO expanded its paid media programs to deliver content tailored to different stages of the purchase journey.

For example, contacts in the awareness stage were placed in campaigns delivering content that reinforced DISCO's value proposition. The company also experimented with a combination of Pardot forms, drip campaigns, and CTAs alongside PBA campaigns.

The results

By adopting Person-Based Advertising, DISCO significantly enhanced its ability to connect with its target audience and drive engagement. Notably, at a world-leading financial institution, DISCO's Influ2 campaign resulted in 40 clicks from decision-makers, generating over 1,700 impressions and three direct visits to digital assets connected to the ads.

One of the key benefits of PBA was the ability to provide tangible and actionable insights for DISCO's sales team. Whenever someone clicked on an ad and interacted with it, the information was integrated into Salesforce, triggering alerts for salespeople to reach out and schedule calls in real-time. This seamless integration between campaigns and sales allowed DISCO to identify engaged prospects swiftly and capitalize on the generated interest.

In terms of tracking ROI and attributing bottom-line results, DISCO saw promising outcomes. Director of Marketing, Keith Schrodt, revealed that they are currently tracking approximately 2,000 opportunities in their system, with some originating from the PBA campaigns. This indicates that the campaigns served as the initial point of engagement for these opportunities. 

Moreover, DISCO utilized engagement signals from the PBA campaigns to inform their content strategy across every stage of the marketing funnel, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in their messaging.

The conslusion

By adopting Person-Based Advertising with Influ2, DISCO successfully reconnected with its audience in the face of the pandemic-induced challenges. This approach enabled precise targeting, highly personalized content delivery, and actionable insights for the sales team. The results were impressive, with increased audience engagement, a significant number of clicks from decision-makers, and a streamlined process for sales follow-ups.

DISCO's ability to track ROI and align engagement signals with content development further solidified the success of their PBA campaigns. Through this partnership, DISCO has effectively navigated the digital landscape and capitalized on new opportunities for growth and market expansion.

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