How Capgemini uses Person-Based Advertising for actionable sales outreach insights

Learn how Capgemini elevates its Account-Based Marketing with a Person-Based Advertising approach that leverages engagement from decision-makers, delivers contextually-relevant content and provides sales with tangible insights.


Transforming Capgemini’s digital advertising to target enterprise-level decision-makers

With a 50 year tradition as a leader enabling business transformation through technology, Capgemini is an advanced practitioner of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) efforts to move prospects into and through the marketing-sales funnel.

Wanting to innovate its advertising program, the Capgemini team sought to find a strategy that allowed the business to reach the buying groups in its target accounts⁠—enterprises with a minimum of $100M in revenue, across a broad spectrum of industries⁠—with more precision. Capgemini determined that it needed to provide personalized experiences for the select subset of decision makers at these accounts within the first marketing touchpoint: ads.

The inability to target its ads had impeded Capgemini’s ability to connect with decision-makers at target accounts and incentivize them to take the next step in building a relationship.


Person-Based Advertising provides transparency, control and insight into target audiences

Capgemini employed a Person-Based Advertising (PBA) approach to help it focus its programs on the buying groups within its enterprise target accounts. This approach enabled Capgemini to reach specific people at each account with context-relevant content and personalize their experience. This enabled a tangible value creation engine at the top of the funnel. Taking this approach helped Capgemini:

  • Drive traffic to matched offerings
  • Personalize and control the content targets were seeing
  • Gain insight into engagement at a person-based level
  • Provide ‘air-cover’ to sales

Person-Based Advertising delivers actionable outreach insights for sales

Beyond the clicks, impressions and person-based engagement insights provided from PBA, this approach gave Capgemini visibility into a historic timeline of activity that helps empower sales and marketing teams. These teams now have actionable information that will inform their follow-up efforts and help them shape messaging that is contextually-relevant, timely, and meaningful.


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“The sales alerts are great, because you can do it in Slack, you can do it in email, and you can even give them [sales] direct access to the platform. You get to really have a choice of how your salespeople get to consume the data.

Influ2 has a great Salesforce, HubSpot and Pardot integration, which helps with the scoring. You're able to identify [individuals] and put them to the right campaign in Salesforce and attribute those to the right opportunities. I don't see any other platform doing that today.”

Jomar Ebalida, (former) Revenue Technology Lead, Capgemini