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How Capgemini Uses Person-Based Advertising for Actionable Sales Outreach Insights

Learn how Capgemini elevates its Account-Based Marketing with a Person-Based Advertising approach that leverages engagement from decision-makers, delivers contextually-relevant content and provides sales with tangible insights.
Jomar Ebalida
Jomar Ebalida
Former Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini

About Capgemini

Capgemini is a renowned leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation with over 50 years of industry experience. The company offers a wide range of services, including strategy consulting, technology implementation, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics, to enable their clients to thrive in the digital age.

They have been at the forefront of implementing effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. By leveraging technology, Capgemini has consistently facilitated the movement of prospects through the marketing-sales funnel.

The problem

Seeking innovation in their advertising program, Capgemini recognized the need for a strategy that would enable precise targeting of buying groups within their target accounts. 

With a focus on enterprises generating a minimum of $100 million in revenue across various industries, Capgemini aimed to provide personalized experiences to decision-makers within these accounts from the very first marketing touchpoint: advertisements.

However, the inability to effectively target their ads had hindered Capgemini's ability to connect with decision-makers and foster meaningful relationships.

People think that you're selling to an account, but you're selling to people. Business-to-person advertising is the missing layer to make the ABM model very effective. Behavior intent, layered with business-to-person advertising, is the key to be more proactive.

Jomar Ebalida, Former Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini

The solution with Influ2 

To overcome these challenges, Capgemini adopted a Person-Based Advertising (PBA) approach in collaboration with Influ2. This approach enabled them to precisely target individuals within their enterprise target accounts, delivering contextually-relevant content and personalized experiences.

I was really amazed by the overall performance that I was able to see. Not just by the account reach, but by the amount of transparency that I got from Influ2. Google, for example, and the other platforms, rotate different types of advertisements and retargeting, so you're not really able to have that sense of control that Influ2 enables.

Jomar Ebalida, Former Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini

By employing PBA, Capgemini started driving traffic to tailored offerings. Target audience received personalized and controlled content. And sales teams got valuable insights into person-based engagement as well as air-cover and support from marketing.

The Results

Capgemini's adoption of Person-Based Advertising yielded impressive results, enabling the company to gain actionable outreach insights. Here are the quantifiable outcomes:

The team managed to reach 16,000 contacts from 1,218 accounts.

This audience generated 1,992 clicks and 1,321 website visits, 194 of which came directly from an ad.

The sales alerts are great because you can do it in Slack, you can do it in email, and you can even give sales direct access to the platform. You get to really have a choice of how your salespeople get to consume the data. 

Influ2 has a great Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pardot integration, which helps with the scoring. You're able to identify individuals and put them in the right campaign in Salesforce and attribute those to the right opportunities. I don't see any other platform doing that today.

Jomar Ebalida, Former Revenue Technology Lead at Capgemini
The conslusion

Capgemini's successful implementation of Person-Based Advertising with Influ2 revolutionized their Account-Based Marketing efforts. By targeting individual decision-makers with personalized content, they significantly improved engagement, generated valuable insights, and empowered their sales and marketing teams with actionable data.

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