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How Amplitude Leveraged Influ2 to Drive 5.6X ROI on Ad Spend and Target Key Decision-Makers

Learn how taking a Person-Based Advertising approach allowed Amplitude to focus 100% of its advertising on key decision-makers and use the engagement insights to drive personalized and attributable B2B marketing and sales activity to realize a 5.6x ROI on ad spend.
Marcus Akerland
Marcus Akerland
Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Amplitude

About Amplitude

Amplitude, the leading provider of product intelligence, helps digital product teams gain valuable insights and optimize their work. 

Amplitude helps companies gain insights into user behavior and optimize their digital products. By analyzing user data, Amplitude enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall product experience.

However, their marketing efforts were not effectively converting leads into sales opportunities. 

The Challenge

Amplitude's marketing team invested significant ad dollars across various social media channels to target key decision-makers based on firmographic and persona-level attributes.

Despite generating leads, these efforts were not translating into sales opportunities for the team. The lack of precision in their digital advertising approach prompted Amplitude to seek a solution that could better focus on their target audience and improve alignment between marketing and sales.

The Solution

Amplitude adopted a Person-Based Advertising approach, leveraging Influ2's platform to concentrate their ad spend exclusively on the key decision-makers within their target accounts. By doing so, they achieved impressive results in terms of audience matching. 

At the individual level, Amplitude achieved a remarkable 56% match rate with their core buying group, increasing to nearly 80% at the account level. 

This precise targeting allowed them to communicate directly with their core audience, supporting the outbound efforts of the sales team. Marketing ensured that target accounts were aware of Amplitude's offerings prior to each sales call, generating a lift in engagement and overall awareness.

Furthermore, Influ2 provided Amplitude with invaluable intent insights at an individual level. By analyzing engagement activity and integrating this data into their CRM, Amplitude could trigger relevant and timely marketing and sales follow-up workflows, resulting in improved conversion rates. 

This integration of engagement insights enabled Amplitude to make informed decisions about their campaigns and achieve better alignment between sales and marketing.

The Results

Amplitude's partnership with Influ2 yielded quantifiable improvements to their bottom line. They were able to reach 6K contacts from over 800 named accounts. Ads yielded 130K impressions which resulted in 171 clicks and 103 website visits.

All in all, the campaign brought an exceptional 5.6X ROI on advertising spend.

Marcus Akerland, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Amplitude, emphasized the significance of reaching key decision-makers:

It's not just impressions at a company level or impressions at a job title level that makes this successful, but reaching over half of the decision-makers - that's pure gold! You don't have to ask your sales team to follow up with these leads because these are the people that they're spending all day trying to contact.

The conslusion

By adopting Influ2's Person-Based Advertising approach, Amplitude successfully optimized their marketing efforts to focus on key decision-makers within their target accounts.

The implementation of this solution enabled them to achieve exceptional results, including a 5.6X ROI on ad spend.

By precisely targeting their audience and leveraging engagement insights, Amplitude significantly improved their marketing and sales alignment, resulting in increased conversions and measurable business impact.

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