Amplitude hones in on the right leads for sales and drives 5.6X ROI on ad spend

Learn how taking a Person-Based Advertising approach allowed Amplitude to focus 100% of its advertising on key decision-makers and use the engagement insights to drive personalized and attributable B2B marketing and sales activity to realize a 5.6x ROI on ad spend.

The need to align marketing and sales around buying groups

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Amplitude's marketing team was pouring ad dollars into various social media channels to find key decision-makers based on firmographic and persona-level attributes. But while they were generating leads, they weren’t converting into opportunities for the sales team.

The team needed more precision with its digital advertising efforts to reach the buying groups at its target accounts and take a more personalized approach.


Person-Based engagement insights help focus sales and marketing

Taking a Person-Based Advertising approach allowed Amplitude to exclusively focus ad spend on the key decision-makers at its target accounts.

Using Influ2, the team was able to achieve a 56% match rate against their core buying group audience on an individual level, and nearly 80% at the account level. This enabled Amplitude to speak directly to its core audience more efficiently, and better support the outbound efforts of the sales team. Working in tandem, marketing ensured that the target accounts had an awareness of Amplitude’s offering before each sales call, generating lift and improving awareness.

More importantly, Influ2 gave Amplitude deeper intent insights on an individual level. By leveraging engagement activity and integrating this data into its CRM, . Amplitude was able to trigger relevant and timely marketing and sales follow-up workflows that helped increase conversions.

A quantifiable improvement to the bottom line

The end result? More closed sales directly attributed to marketing support and a quantifiable improvement to performance metrics:


Contacts reached


Named accounts reached






Website visits


ROI on advertising spend


"It’s not just impressions at a company level or impressions at a job title level makes this successful, but reaching over half of the decision makers - that’s pure gold! You don't have to ask your sales team to follow up with these leads because these are the people that they're spending all day trying to contact."

Marcus Akerland, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing, Amplitude