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Truly coordinating your sales and marketing
WebinarMar 02, 2022

B2BMX: Why Buying Group Marketing Is the Next Big B2B Strategy

What will you get?

  • An understanding of BGM and the trends driving it
  • A playbook on how to make BGM actionable
  • Examples of how other businesses are approaching BGM


Dmitri Lisitski
Dmitri Lisitski
Co-Founder & CEO at Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

Targeting buying groups rather than just individual decision makers is crucial. It recognizes that multiple stakeholders are involved in the buying process.
Instead of separate marketing and sales funnels, adopting a unified funnel allows for better alignment and collaboration between the two departments.
Personalizing messaging for different buying groups and individuals is essential.
Leveraging engagement signals helps in content personalization, providing relevant content tailored to each individual.
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