Why Buying Group Marketing is the Next Big B2B Strategy

With the term 'buyers' now meaning buying groups", the time is now for Buying Group Marketing (BGM). See how BGM is the next step for sales and marketing teams looking to create personalized experiences for B2B buyers.


What's Inside

Account-Based Marketing gave you a strong strategy, and you've made a lot of noise. But ultimately, accounts don't make buying decisions - people do. So how do you move past accounts to focus on the individuals buyers? And how can you effectively target them throughout the buying journey?

Move over ABM, there's a new strategy in the B2B ecosystem set to rock marketing and sales: Buying Group Marketing

In this session, Dmitri Lisitski, CEO of Influ2, brings Buying Group Marketing to life and demonstrates how to use BGM set your marketing and sales teams up for success.

We'll cover:

  • An understanding of BGM and the trends driving it
  • A playbook on how to make BGM actionable
  • Examples of how other businesses are approaching BGM



Dmitri Lisitski

Co-Founder & CEO at Influ2

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