#Bii22 | Meeting Your Buyer Where, When & How THEY Want

No it’s not a typo… ‘THEY’ is THE most important word in the title for this session. No matter how brilliant your marketing or sales, if you’re not in lockstep with your prospect or customer, don’t understand their needs, what keeps them up at night (as it relates to your solution)… well then… What is the point?!


What's Inside

With marketers now being asked to do more with less (budget, resources, time), how do you keep the customer at the heart of what you do?

Listen in to our panel of B2B marketing leaders as they discuss and share the ‘where, when and how’s’ of meeting buyer expectations while achieving their business goals.

In this session, we will ask and answer the questions:

  • What are the best ways to understand your buyer?
  • Do buying groups matter?
  • How to use personas and insights across the customer lifecycle
  • Is (insert marketing tactic currently canceled) actually dead?
  • Content: What’s working? What’s not?


Meet top industry experts

Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing, Influ2

Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2


Stephen Ngo

Head of Product Marketing at Paddle


Peter Schroeder

Director at Circle


Corrina Owens

Senior ABM Manager at Gong

Make your digital advertising targeted

See how you can use Person-Based Advertising to directly reach your buyers at your target accounts.