Live webinar:
Truly coordinating your sales and marketing
WebinarOct 20, 2021

#Bii22: Meeting Your Buyer Where, When & How THEY Want

What will you learn?

  • What are the best ways to understand your buyer?
  • Do buying groups matter?
  • How to use personas and insights across the customer lifecycle
  • Is (insert marketing tactic currently canceled) actually dead?
  • Content: What’s working? What’s not?


Nirosha Methananda
Nirosha Methananda
Former VP of Marketing at Influ2
Stephen Ngo
Stephen Ngo
Head of Product Marketing at Paddle
Peter Schroeder
Peter Schroeder
Director at Circle
Corrina Owens
Corrina Owens
Senior ABM Manager at Gong

Key Points

Key takeaways

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