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Truly coordinating your sales and marketing
WebinarJun 12, 2023

Go-To-Market Strategy During a Recession: a VC’s Perspective

What will you learn?

  • What does this economic downturn mean for businesses?
  • How to pivot marketing during a recession
  • How to make sure your marketing and sales understand each other and collaborate effectively on revenue goals


 Charles Beeler
Charles Beeler
General Partner of Rally Ventures

Key Points

Key takeaways

In a recession, marketing budgets are often the first to be cut, so it's crucial to prove the value of marketing efforts even during economic downturns.
Marketing leaders should critically evaluate all marketing expenditures, eliminate non-essential spending, and reallocate resources to initiatives that align with business goals and can be measured analytically.
Alignment between marketing and sales teams is crucial, with a focus on generating quality leads and providing sales teams with the necessary support and resources to close deals successfully.
Long-term strategic initiatives should be justified with a clear understanding of their long-term impact, while being mindful of short-term budget constraints.
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