Influ2 + Forrester: Putting The Buyer Back Into B2B With Buying Group Marketing

B2B is evolving beyond targeting the right accounts. See how Buyer Group Marketing is creating an evolution in ABM by focusing on individual buyers.


What's Inside

With Forrester reporting that 66% of buying groups contain more than six people... the challenge for B2B marketing goes beyond targeting the right accounts but to finding and engaging the right people.

Buying Group Marketing helps B2B marketers achieve that level of granularity. Rather than targeting the entirety of an account, BGM gives more power to marketers by ensuring that they are able to specifically target the key decision-makers and influences at an account, giving them the personalization and efficiency that they need to generate new opportunities.

Forrester’s Principal Analyst (Account-Based Marketing), Malachi Threadgill, joins us to share buyer trends driving the need for Buying Group Marketing (BGM). Together with Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing at Influ2, he shared how to best structure Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall to engage buying groups.



Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2


Malachi Threadgill

Principal Analyst (ABM) at Forrester

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