Gartner Symposium: Adapting Our ABM Program To The ‘New Reality’ To Achieve A 581% ROI

See how Influ2 is using Person-Based Advertising to directly target buying groups within our key accounts.


What's Inside

We're big fans of using our own technology for ABM. Until recently, this was our sole marketing activity, contributing to our consistent triple-digit growth. When COVID19 hit in 2020, it thrust B2B marketers into a remote-first, digital-only world. As a response to this shift, we developed our Person-Based Advertising campaign to demonstrate the potential of new technologies like Influ2.

With everyone working from home, B2B marketers faced new challenges with targeting their core prospects. Our 'New Reality' campaign demonstrates how marketers can use Person-Based Advertising to engage with prospects and achieve results, all while creating a highly personalized experience.

Listen in to our session to learn how we effectively used Person-Based Advertising to drive marketing and sales activity through the entirety of the funnel. We'll share the strategy and tactics of how we achieved a 581% ROI by using Influ2.



Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2


Daria Ivanova

Head of ABM at Influ2

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See how you can use Person-Based Advertising to directly reach buyers at your target accounts.