WebinarOct 10, 2023

The Future of Adtech for Marketing Success

What will you learn?

  • How Dmitri's experience from founding and selling a successful IT services firm led to the creation of Influ2.
  • The shortcomings of traditional advertising in the B2B sector and how Influ2 redefines the role of advertising in B2B marketing.
  • The role of data and AI in the martech industry.


Dmitri Lisitski
Dmitri Lisitski
Co-Founder & CEO at Influ2
Stephen Lurie
Stephen Lurie
CEO at B2B Rocks

Key Points

Key takeaways

Traditional marketing approaches may not be as effective in B2B, prompting the need for innovative solutions like Influ2.
AI and data-driven strategies have become standard tools in marketing, enabling companies like Influ2 to provide valuable solutions for B2B sales and customer engagement.
Influ2's approach focuses on seamlessly integrating advertising into the entire sales and marketing process, emphasizing the importance of supporting sales efforts throughout the entire customer journey.
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