Live webinar:
Truly coordinating your sales and marketing
WebinarMar 02, 2022

B2BMX: Utilizing Content to Enable Each Stage of the Funnel

What will you learn?

  • How to apply different content formats to enable specific stages in the decision journey
  • How to repurpose big-rock content assets into smaller bite-sized assets
  • How to make content utilization trackable and measurable to ensure alignment with journey stages


Kristin Seigworth
Kristin Seigworth
VP of Communications at E2open
Nirosha Methananda
Nirosha Methananda
Former VP of Marketing at Influ2
James Kessinger
James Kessinger
CMO at Hushly

Key Points

Key takeaways

Personalize content for each stage: deliver relevant content that resonates with individual accounts.
Leverage multiple content formats and offer a variety of content formats throughout the funnel.
Pass relevant engagement signals to sales and customer success so that they can react upon them right away.
Ads that help you sell
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