B2BMX | Utilizing Content to Enable Each Stage of the Funnel

Deep dive into how leading B2B brands are utilizing content as an enablement tool, both for sales reps and for buyers who are looking to self-navigate through key stages of the buying journey.


What's Inside

Content is key to persuading buyers at all parts of the sales cycle, but what are the best ways to use content to support each prospect's buying journey?

Listen in to our presentation from B2BMX as we discuss how to build an effective content distribution model that supports sales enablement and effectively informs buyers at every step of their decision journey.

We'll cover:

  • Applying different content formats to enable specific stages in the decision journey
  • Repurposing big-rock content assets into smaller bite-sized assets
  • Making content easily accessible and trackable for sales and other stakeholders within your organization
  • Developing targeted content bundles and customized landing pages for key accounts and segments
  • Making content utilization trackable and measurable to ensure alignment with journey stages



Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2


Kristin Seigworth

VP of Communications at E2open


James Kessinger

CMO at Hushly

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