Beyond alignment: A new approach to sales and marketing for B2B

B2B sales teams need marketing to help hit their goals, but find it difficult to get aligned.

So how do you move past silos and internal politics to work together?

Watch the recording and learn how to build a resilient strategy to hit revenue goals even in a downturn.

Pushed into a (wholly) digital way of working by COVID, B2B sales teams needed to work with and rely on marketing more than ever before to find new opportunities and close revenue. Now with the threat of an economic downturn, this symbiotic relationship will be even more important.

Delivering an amazing customer experience means going beyond alignment.... And requires restructuring teams, processes, and measures of success. To get ahead, teams need to blow away silos, and build based on customer experience vs. internal views or politics.

In this webinar, Dmitri Lisitski, Co-Founder and CEO of Influ2 and guest speaker, Malachi Threadgill, Principal Analyst of Account Based-Marketing at Forrester will discuss:

  • What B2B organizations need to focus on and evolve to prepare for the economic downturn
  • How businesses can structure their approach to B2B marketing, sales and customer success to drive revenue
  • A playbook for how marketing can support sales through the funnel and beyond
  • Why businesses need to move away from MQLs and what metrics will matter in a customer-focused organization



Malachi Threadgill, Principal Analyst of ABM at Forrester

Malachi is a practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience developing and implementing marketing strategies for telecommunications and software-as-a-service organizations.


Dmitri Lisitski, Co-Founder and CEO of Influ2

Dmitri Lisitski is co-founder and CEO of Influ2, the first person-based marketing platform for B2B companies. A serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience in online marketing and advertising, Dmitri has successfully launched, managed and advanced multiple IT-powered companies in the U.S. and EU markets, including BonusTec (which was sold to GlobalLogic) and ThickButtons. Prior to Influ2, Dmitri was Global Head of Delivery & Services at Gett. He holds Executive MBAs from Columbia Business School and London Business School.