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Truly coordinating your sales and marketing
WebinarNov 14, 2022

Forrester & Influ2: New Approach to Sales and Marketing for B2B

What will you learn?

  • What B2B organizations need to focus on and evolve to prepare for the economic downturn
  • How businesses can structure their approach to B2B marketing, sales and customer success to drive revenue
  • How marketing can support sales through the funnel and beyond
  • Why businesses need to move away from MQLs and what metrics will matter in a customer-focused organization


Malachi Threadgill
Malachi Threadgill
Principal Analyst (ABM) at Forrester
Dmitri Lisitski
Dmitri Lisitski
Co-Founder and CEO of Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

B2B organizations need to focus on adapting and evolving their approach to prepare for an economic downturn. This includes aligning marketing, sales, and customer success to drive revenue and shifting focus towards engaging buying groups rather than traditional MQLs.
The importance of shifting towards a buying group approach in B2B marketing will help companies optimize the path towards a buying decision by engaging buying groups individually.
It’s time to move away from traditional metrics like MQLs and focus on metrics that matter in a customer-focused organization.
Monitoring relevant signals at every stage of the journey and using metrics for the unified funnel are crucial for measuring success.
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