How Vya uses Person-Based Advertising to drive demand

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The how, what, and why of Vya’s PBA strategy
  • Insights, analytics, and lessons learned from implementing PBA for sales teams
  • How PBA helps sales teams accelerate pipeline and close deals
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During the pandemic, Vya’s main sources of demand, events and direct mail, essentially collapsed. Website form fills declined dramatically.

How did Vya adapt? Vya’s sales and marketing team went all in on Person-Based Advertising (PBA).

By building a person-based strategy that aligned marketing to the sales organization, it helped ensure that marketing was able to effectively support a unified outbound process.

Martha France, VP of Sales and Marketing at Vya, joins Joe McNeill, Influ2’s CRO to discuss how sales and marketing can align on accounts to drive pipeline growth.

Vya is a B2B end-to-end marketing resource management platform for businesses that need to distribute their marketing materials across a widely distributed salesforce and enable customization at the local level.



Martha France, VP of Marketing and Sales at Vya

Martha helps banks, franchisors, and insurance companies simplify distributed marketing. An engineer-turned-marketer-turned-sales executive, Martha has been with Vya for ten years. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Joe McNeill, Chief Revenue Officer at Influ2

Joe combines an enthusiasm for client service delivery, employee empowerment, and robust revenue operations to position organizations to scale & grow. He has overseen commercial teams ranging from 50 - 100+ members, accelerated profitability by boosting conversion rates & deal size, and increased YoY revenue, skyrocketing repeatable & scalable business growth.