WebinarOct 18, 2022

Vya & Influ2: How Vya Uses Person-Based Advertising to Drive Demand

What will you learn?

  • The how, the what, and the why of Vya’s PBA strategy
  • What insights, analytics, and lessons Vya learned from implementing PBA for sales teams
  • How PBA helps sales teams accelerate pipeline and close deals


Martha France
Martha France
VP of Marketing and Sales at Vya
Joe McNeill
Joe McNeill
Chief Revenue Officer at Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

There is a growing trend towards revenue-based titles and a closer alignment between marketing and sales teams. This indicates the need for collaboration and synergy between these departments to drive business growth.
Adopting a multithreading approach allows for effective targeting of an increasing number of buying groups. Additionally, engagement data plays a crucial role, and sales teams should act upon this data to drive meaningful interactions and conversions.
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