WebinarJun 06, 20231 min

Stop Guessing and Start Doing: How to Make Person-Based Advertising Your Smarketing Superpower

What will you learn?

  • About the threat of a potential economic downturn with the expectations for marketing and sales going up and budgets going down
  • About the pressure on existing sales and marketing teams to be able to meet set targets with essentially less money and less resources
  • About the best way for organizations to stand out from the pack


Nirosha Methananda
Nirosha Methananda
Former VP of Marketing at Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

Person-based advertising enables more effective lead warming and allows advertising to be used throughout the funnel to support sales efforts and move deals forward.
Use cases for person-based advertising include passive prospecting to identify potential leads, engaging with existing customers to drive retention and upselling, and educating and leaving impressions for future business opportunities.