Market, Engage And Sell To Buying Groups Who Want To Hear From You

Learn how Buying Group Marketing helps sales and marketing teams better market, engage, and sell to their target accounts.


What's Inside

Account-Based Marketing is essential to any B2B strategy. Advanced practitioners are now looking for the tools and frameworks needed to give them an edge to better connect with their audiences.

Enter Buying Group Marketing.

Buying Group Marketing is the next evolution in ABM. It's designed to help B2B marketers better target and personalize their approaches to target accounts. With many marketing teams taking similar approaches to customer messaging and outreach, B2B marketers need a better way to design buyer journeys and engage their audience.

For those B2B marketers who want to take their ABM program to the next level, listen in and see why BGM helps to:

  • Extend marketing beyond the top of the funnel
  • Work more collaboratively with sales
  • Tangibly measure the results of their activities.



Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2

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