WebinarAug 19, 2022

Market, Engage, and Sell to Buying Groups Who Want to Hear from You

What will you learn?

  • How Buying Group Marketing helps sales and marketing teams better market, engage, and sell to their target accounts
  • How BGM helps to extend marketing beyond the top of the funnel
  • How BGM helps to work more collaboratively with sales
  • How BGM helps tangibly measure the results of all revenue activities.


Nirosha Methananda
Nirosha Methananda
Former VP of Marketing at Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

Unifying sales and marketing goals, metrics, and creating a unified funnel allows for better measurement of results from a revenue perspective.
Three fundamental pillars of Buying Group Marketing: strategy, experience, and smarketing (sales + marketing).
Buying Group Marketing extends marketing beyond the top of the funnel, enables more precise targeting through understanding the average size of buying teams, and fosters better collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing.
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