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WebinarApr 12, 2024

Webinar: How to Boost Meeting Attendance with Person-Based Ads

In this webinar, Anna Tsymbalist, Head of ABM at Influ2, breaks down the proven strategies to keep prospects hooked – from the moment they book a demo, all the way to the demo itself. She is joined by Kevin Lindberg, Head of ABM at Yotpo, who shared his insights on building a high-impact ABM program.


Anna Tsymbalist
Anna Tsymbalist
Head of ABM at Influ2
Kevin Lindberg
Kevin Lindberg
ABM & Demand Gen at Yotpo
Davis Potter
Davis Potter
CEO at ForgeX

Key Points

Key takeaways

Person-based ads can be an effective way to increase meeting attendance rates. By targeting ads to specific individuals who are scheduled for calls, you can increase brand awareness and name recognition, which can lead to higher attendance rates.
People who clicked on the ad and visited the landing page prior to their call were 50% more likely to come to the meeting.
Segmenting the audience based on technographics, personas, and buying stages is crucial for delivering targeted ABM campaigns. Marketers should use a variety of creatives that resonate with different audience segments.
Successful ABM campaign execution depends on close collaboration between marketing and sales teams. Marketing should provide visibility into campaign performance and sales should be prepared to follow up on qualified leads.
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