WebinarOct 19, 2023

The Ad-Vantage of Top-Performing Enterprise AEs

We'll talk about

  • The challenges all account executives are forced to overcome on their own to meet the quota.
  • How AEs can dominate the conversations they are NOT in.
  • How marketing can pick up the slack and support the sales cycle.


Anastasia Gaidai
Anastasia Gaidai
Senior Account Executive at Influ2

Key Points

Key takeaways

The further account executives progress in complex sales cycles, the lonelier they often feel lacking support from other functions.
The buying process has become more complex due to the involvement of buying committees, which has led to longer sales cycles. The number of decision-makers involved in enterprise deals increased from 6 to 23 within just two years.
Effective support from the marketing function, through strategies like person-based advertising, can significantly impact pipeline progression and help account executives close deals with large buying committees.
Person-based advertising enables personalized engagement, targeted content delivery, and real-time insights into prospect engagement. This leads to more effective multithreading and relationship-building within buying committees.
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