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How Vya Drove Demand and Improved Marketing Efficiency with Influ2

Person-Based Advertising increases Vya’s marketing efficiency while driving more meetings for sales
Martha France
Martha France
VP of Marketing and Sales @ Vya

About Vya

Vya is a company that provides marketing resource management solutions to businesses. Their main area of expertise lies in helping organizations streamline and optimize their marketing processes, from content creation and distribution to brand management and local marketing execution.

The Challenge

Vya, a leading company in its industry, faced a significant challenge when the global pandemic hit and disrupted its traditional sources of demand generation. Direct mail and events, which had been Vya's main channels for driving demand, were essentially wiped out, and even form fills on their website experienced a dramatic decline.

Recognizing the need to adapt and find new avenues for demand generation, Vya turned to digital advertising programs. However, past experiences with such programs had yielded minimal returns and a high degree of waste.

Traditional methods like Google Ads and LinkedIn targeting proved ineffective for Vya due to its highly focused target account list. 

The Solution

Vya sought a solution that could precisely target specific individuals within those accounts across digital channels, thus minimizing waste. This is where Vya discovered the power of Person-Based Advertising and subsequently built its entire marketing and sales process around it.

With the implementation of Person-Based Advertising, Vya now launches Influ2 campaigns associated with each new marketing content piece, specifically reaching out to individuals within their target accounts. When someone from a target account clicks on an ad, it serves as a signal to Vya's sales team of potential buying intent, even if the prospect doesn't fill out a form.

Each ad highlights a specific challenge or solution provided by Vya. Leveraging this engagement, Vya's sales team can proactively connect with the person on LinkedIn and send personalized emails based on the individual's or account's specific needs. In cases where multiple clicks originate from the same individual, a direct mail piece is triggered to further engage the target person.

The Results

The results of Vya's collaboration with Influ2 have been remarkable. The company has experienced a significant increase in sales meetings, accompanied by a consistent flow of highly qualified leads that are engaged and ready for sales interactions.

Vya's strategy is further validated by buyer intent data from sources like Bombora, which showcases increased buyer intent among the "clickers" and provides the sales team with enhanced visibility into high-priority accounts.

Our sales team was floundering in terms of where to focus their efforts. Now with Influ2, we have an ongoing steady flow of people that are engaged and interested in us. Our sales team has been very receptive to this approach.

Martha France, VP of Marketing and Sales at Vya
The conslusion

Switching from on-site lead gen to person-based advertising

Vya's collaboration with Influ2 has not only enabled them to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic but has also transformed their marketing and sales processes, driving demand efficiently and effectively. By leveraging hyper-targeted and personalized ads, Vya has achieved remarkable results, including increased meetings and a consistent stream of highly qualified leads, paving the way for continued success.

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