How Influ2’s campaign ‘clickers’ are helping Vya drive demand

Person-Based Advertising increases Vya’s marketing efficiency while driving more meetings for sales

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The combination of the global pandemic and inefficient digital advertising prevented Vya from driving sufficient demand for its products

Vya’s main sources of demand—direct mail and events—were essentially wiped out due to the global pandemic. Simultaneously, form fills on their website dramatically declined. Vya knew it needed to run digital advertising programs to drive demand. But in the past, those programs yielded a lot of waste with very little return.

Traditional methods like Google Ads and LinkedIn targeting were ineffective because of Vya’s highly focused target account list. Vya was looking for a solution that could hyper target specific people from those accounts across digital channels to limit waste.


Person-Based Advertising is at the core of Vya’s marketing and sales process

Vya discovered Person-Based Advertising and has since built its entire marketing and sales process around it. Every time Vya launches a new piece of marketing content, there’s an associated Influ2 campaign to reach specific people within their target accounts. When one or multiple people from an account clicks on an ad, it signals Vya’s sales team that there’s buying intent even when the prospect doesn’t fill out a form.

Each ad highlights a specific challenge or solution that Vya provides. Vya’s sales team can then engage with the person on Linkedin and send a personalized email to the prospect based on the specific need of the person or account.

Multiple clicks from an individual triggers a direct mail piece to further engage the target individual.

Hyper-targeted and personalized ads increase meetings and qualified leads

Since Vya started working with Influ2, it has seen a significant increase in its sales meetings and a consistent flow of highly qualified leads that are engaged and sales-ready. Furthermore, Vya receives buyer intent data from sources like Bombora that validate its strategy. “Clickers” are also showing significant increases in buyer intent, giving sales greater visibility into the highest priority accounts.


Significant increase in sales meetings


Consistent flow of highly qualified leads


“Our sales team was floundering in terms of where to focus their efforts. Now [with Influ2] we have an ongoing steady flow of people that are engaged and interested in us. Our sales team has been very receptive to this approach.”

Martha France, VP of Marketing and Sales, Vya