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Case StudyApr 12, 20223 min

How ProfitWell Increased Enterprise Deals Won By 111% With Influ2

Learn how ProfitWell was able to reach their key decision-makers with relevant content, better showcase their value to customers and generate valuable engagement insights for SDRs.
Stephen Ngo
Stephen Ngo
Head of Growth at ProfitWell

About ProfitWell

ProfitWell is a subscription revenue intelligence platform. Their platform helps companies optimize their pricing, reduce customer churn, and improve overall subscription performance through data-driven insights and tools.

Their specialized platform is a testament to their dedication to customer service and their pursuit of continuous innovation.

The Challenge

ProfitWell struggled with explaining its benefits and value to key decision-makers within mid-to-large subscription brands. This particular demographic was of significant importance due to its potential impact on ProfitWell’s growth and market presence.

So the team needed a more customized and human approach to reach decision-makers at its target accounts and help them understand their value and inspire them to respond.

The Solution

Recognizing the importance of value communication, ProfitWell evolved its ABM strategy to focus on delivering the most relevant content to the most relevant audience. This pivot led to more engaging and persuasive interactions between the sales team and the customers, thereby facilitating a richer understanding of ProfitWell’s value proposition.

Creating relevant content for key personas

ProfitWell chose to adopt a more human-centric and engaging approach, channeling their efforts into a content-rich strategy. As a critical component of this strategy, they created a series of insightful videos. To broaden the reach of this high-value content, ProfitWell then repurposed them into various formats.

The entire content strategy was designed to provide valuable insights into the strategies of selected target accounts. By doing so, the videos served a dual purpose: they highlighted the capabilities of the ProfitWell product and humanized the team behind the platform.

Embracing omnichannel targeting

They then shared it across a multitude of channels, including social media, email, and web platforms. The strategy also involved both inbound (drawing prospects towards the informative case studies) and outbound (spreading the value proposition to a broader audience approaches.

Leveraging Person-Based Advertising

In partnership with Influ2, ProfitWell leveraged a Person-Based Advertising approach. This approach allowed them to direct their highly customized ads to key decision-makers and influential groups within their target accounts.

The execution of this approach required close collaboration between the marketing and sales teams, who agreed on a unified strategy for targeting, managing campaign workflows, and handling follow-ups. To enable timely and contextually relevant outreach, they utilized engagement insights from Influ2's custom campaigns.

The Results

The shift in ProfitWell’s strategy yielded impressive results, with Influ2 playing an instrumental role. Among several successes, the most striking achievement was a 111% increase in ‘Enterprise’ deals won.

Alongside this, ProfitWell observed a 40% improvement in Buying Group engagement and a 70% rise in eCommerce industry leads. Their banner CTAs increased by 23%. And all this lead to a remarkable conversion rate of 67% for target accounts.

The conslusion

Increasing Enterprise deals won by 111%

By putting a premium on customer engagement through relevant content, ProfitWell managed to cut through the market noise. Their revamped strategy effectively connected with target accounts, leading to a substantial increase in enterprise deals won.

This success story demonstrates the power of a carefully strategized and customer-centric approach in a crowded B2B market, highlighting the significance of personalization in achieving tangible results.

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