How ProfitWell put customers at the heart of ABM to increase engagement by 40%

By pivoting its ABM strategy to focus on a content-first approach , ProfitWell is able to better show value to customers and generate engagement insights that help its sales team with timely and persuasive outreach.

Cutting through the noise with a more targeted, human approach

In a market filled with endless noise, building credibility and demand for a niche product category can be incredibly difficult...

ProfitWell, a subscription revenue business intelligence platform, struggled with explaining its benefits and value to one of its most valuable business segments... key decision-makers within mid-to-large subscription brands.

ProfitWell’s team needed a more customized and human approach to reach decision-makers at its target accounts and help them understand their value and inspire them to respond.


Turning content into an ABM channel and building connections at a personal level

A core part of ProfitWell’s strategy was creating content that demonstrated the power of its product, humanized its team and delivered value to customers - before they had spoken to a sales rep.

ProfitWell created a video series that analyzed and provided insights about the strategies of select target accounts. It extended the reach of this content by converting it into various formats and sharing it through various social, email, web, and other channels.

The strategy was both inbound (bringing their prospects in for the case studies) and outbound (feeding the value back out to a broader base).


Focused Person-Based Advertising approach results in timely and contextually-relevant outreach

While ProfitWell had a solid content strategy, it wanted to cut through to the key decision-makers and buying groups at its target accounts.

To help deliver its highly customized ads to the right people within these target accounts, ProfitWell used Influ2 to take a Person-Based Advertising approach. This required the marketing and sales teams to be in close alignment, and agreeing on a common strategy for targeting, campaign workflows, and follow-up.

Additionally, the team used the engagement insights from the custom campaigns in Influ2 to generate actionable, timely and context-relevant follow-up workflows for the sales team, leading to higher campaign engagement and conversion rates.

Putting the buyer at the heart of ABM leads to lift across the board

While ProfitWell’s new strategy was a highly orchestrated effort involving many cross-functional parts that contributed to its remarkable results, Influ2 played a crucial role in generating awareness and improving campaign engagement.


lift in eCommerce industry leads


increase in Banner CTAs


increase in Buying Group engagement


of target accounts converted


increase in ‘Enterprise’ deals won