How Optimove uses Person-Based Advertising to double its performance

Optimove elevates its Account-Based Marketing using Person-Based Advertising to target decision-makers, gauge their interaction, and act on that engagement.

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Traditional strategies lacked the precision necessary to engage executives at target accounts

Optimove markets to executives at large-scale, direct-to-consumer enterprises from industries as widespread as gaming, telecom, apparel, and more. Its narrow audience and long sales cycles requires a highly personalized approach throughout the funnel.

Traditional, broad-brush top-of-funnel strategies didn’t provide the white-glove experience necessary to engage CEOs and close enterprise deals.


Person-Based Advertising integrated marketing with sales to create a highly personalized experience

Optimove applied a Person-Based Advertising approach to its marketing and sales process. It identified the decision-makers at the target accounts it focused on and used Influ2 to create highly customized ads to those specific executives. No one other than those people would see the ad.

This targeted experience helped Optimove align closely with sales on which prospects to focus on. Rather than solely using lead scoring to prioritize, Influ2’s person-level engagement data gave sales insight into the person, their level, and the frequency of ad engagement. If for example, multiple high-level executives engaged with an ad, it signaled sales to reach out with a personalized email. Marketing would nurture those same people in parallel.

Furthermore, Optimove has integrated Influ2 with HubSpot and uses Zapier to sync the person-level engagement data with a sales interface to provide sales with easy access to the data.

Person-Based Advertising delivers ‘game-changing’ impact on Optimove’s deals

By working with Influ2 and adding Person-Based Advertising to its tech stack, Optimove has seen a tremendous impact to its ad performance and pipeline. Adi Hagag, B2B Marketing Director at Optimove, describes Influ2 as his “game-changing” marketing tool that now impacts every lead and pipeline deal.


lift in ad performance


influence on pipeline deals


“I can tell you, there isn't a single deal in our pipeline that we are not using Influ2, at least for aerial coverage.”

Adi Hagag, B2B Marketing Director, Optimove