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Case StudyOct 11, 20223 min

How Optimove Influences 100% of the Sales Pipeline with Person-Based Ads

Optimove elevates its Marketing using Person-Based Advertising to target decision-makers, gauge their interaction, and act on that engagement.
Adi Hagag
Adi Hagag
B2B Marketing Director at Optimove

About Optimove

Optimove is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that focuses on providing personalized marketing solutions. The company aims to enhance customer engagement and maximize revenue for businesses across various industries.

With a focus on direct-to-consumer enterprises in diverse industries such as gaming, telecom, and apparel, Optimove understands the importance of targeting decision-makers and delivering personalized experiences throughout the sales cycle. Their narrow audience and long sales cycles require a highly tailored approach to engage executives and close enterprise deals.

The challenge

Optimove faced challenges in engaging executives at their target accounts. Traditional, broad-brush top-of-funnel strategies proved inadequate for providing the white-glove experience necessary to capture the attention of CEOs and drive enterprise deals.

They needed a solution that could precisely target decision-makers and provide actionable insights to align marketing and sales efforts effectively.

The solution

To address these challenges, Optimove implemented a Person-Based Advertising approach in collaboration with Influ2, an advanced advertising platform. It identified the decision-makers at the target accounts it focused on and used Influ2 to create highly customized ads to those specific executives. No one other than those people would see the ad.

This personalized and targeted experience not only enabled Optimove to align closely with their sales team but also provided valuable person-level engagement data.

Rather than solely using lead scoring to prioritize, Influ2’s person-level engagement data gave sales insight into the person, their level, and the frequency of ad engagement. If for example, multiple high-level executives engaged with an ad, it signaled sales to reach out with a personalized email. Marketing would nurture those same people in parallel.

By integrating Influ2 with HubSpot and utilizing Zapier to sync the person-level engagement data, Optimove ensured that their sales team had easy access to the valuable insights. This integration empowered sales representatives with real-time information on the level and frequency of ad engagement by decision-makers, allowing them to prioritize prospects effectively and tailor their outreach efforts accordingly.

The results

The implementation of Person-Based Advertising through Influ2 yielded remarkable results for Optimove. Adi Hagag, B2B Marketing Director at Optimove, described Influ2 as a "game-changing" marketing tool that had a significant impact on every lead and pipeline deal. The key outcomes they achieved were:

1) A 2x lift in ad performance: The highly targeted and personalized approach enabled by Influ2 resulted in a substantial improvement in the performance of Optimove's advertisements. By directly reaching decision-makers with customized content, they were able to capture their attention and drive higher engagement rates.

2) 100% influence on pipeline deals: Influ2's person-level engagement data provided valuable insights that influenced the pipeline deals of Optimove. Sales representatives could identify high-level executives who exhibited active engagement with the ads, signaling a prime opportunity for personalized outreach. This data-driven approach helped optimize the sales process and increase the chances of closing deals successfully.

Adi Hagag emphasized the significance of Influ2 in Optimove's marketing strategy, stating that there wasn't a single deal in their pipeline where they were not utilizing Influ2 for aerial coverage.

The conslusion

By leveraging Influ2's capabilities, Optimove successfully overcame the limitations of traditional strategies and achieved remarkable improvements in their ad performance and pipeline deals. This demonstrates the substantial impact that Person-Based Advertising had on Optimove's marketing efforts, solidifying its position as a vital tool in driving their success.

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