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Case StudyApr 12, 20223 min

How Person-Based Ads Accelerated Nvidia’s Journey to Pipeline Creation

Learn how Person-Based Advertising helped NVIDIA align with sales to deliver a coordinated, timely and relevant experience to decision-makers at their target accounts.
Ari Capogeannis
Ari Capogeannis
Senior Director of Enterprise Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA


NVIDIA is a renowned technology company that specializes in advanced graphics processing units (GPUs), as well as other high-performance computing solutions. The company has gained widespread recognition for their exceptional performance in gaming, artificial intelligence, scientific research, and various industries.

At some point, the team started noticing that uncoordinated and irrelevant activities across marketing and sales were negatively impacting the customer experience. So Ari Capogeannis, Director of Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA, decided to create a better strategy that delivered high-value and personalized interactions throughout the buyer's journey.

The Challenge

NVIDIA's target accounts typically involved more than nine key decision-makers, who were bombarded with six to eight different message sources from the company. This scattered marketing approach often led to engagement signals that were either irrelevant or confusing for SDRs.

Recognizing the need for improvement, Ari aimed to align sales and marketing while enhancing the overall customer experience. Achieving this required a technology solution that could identify key decision-makers, personalize their journeys, and provide valuable engagement data for continuous improvement.

The Solution

Influ2 is the perfect foundational technology that we have in our marketing stack. These person-based ads provided by Influ2 help us identify in-market accounts, decision-makers, and account leads.

Ari Capogeannis, Sr. Director, Enterprise Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA

Ari chose Influ2 as the ideal technology to serve as the foundation of their marketing stack. Leveraging Influ2's person-based ads, Ari's team was able to identify decision-makers within their target accounts and deliver personalized, in-market experiences.

Incorporating person-based targeting

The team adopted a swimlane approach, categorizing prospects based on their roles and stages in the buying process. This helped them curate relevant and personalized experiences. 

Person-based ads were then utilized to target display and social media ads directly to decision-makers and buying groups within their existing target accounts. Not only did this approach improve the customer experience but it also provided actionable reporting on engagement.

Aligning marketing and sales by revenue-driven goals

This approach went beyond traditional Account-Based Marketing, merging sales and marketing into a cohesive revenue ops cycle with a focus on conversion.

By delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, NVIDIA achieved a seamless and effective alignment between sales and marketing efforts, greatly enhancing the overall customer experience.

The Results

Influ2 helps us uncover decision-makers by stage, by role, by account, both customers and non-customers. Then, we can drive those decision-makers to re-engage in their experiences. It’s way beyond the days of spraying and praying based on soft firmographic and demographic information and targeting.

Ari Capogeannis, Sr. Director of Enterprise Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA

Incorporating person-based advertising allowed NVIDIA to rediscover and re-engage key decision-makers. 

  • The sales teams received targeted account decision-makers as they engaged to set up meetings, regardless of whether they have hit a MQL threshold.
  • The marketing team developed a tailored messaging strategy relevant to each decision-maker.
The conslusion

The use of person-based ads had a significant impact, enabling the team to identify in-market accounts and automatically qualify leads. The campaign resulted in a substantial increase in engagement. Most importantly, the alignment between sales and marketing allowed NVIDIA to actively engage with in-market decision-makers, accelerating the journey to pipeline creation.

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