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Case StudyApr 12, 20223 min

How Person-Based Advertising Helped Influ2 Drive 581% ROI on Its 'New Reality' Campaign

Learn about Influ2’s 'New Reality' campaign approach, which orchestrated marketing and sales activity through the funnel to drive engagement and ROI.
Daria Ivanova
Daria Ivanova
Marketing Director at Influ2

About Influ2

Influ2, a pioneer in Person-Based Marketing (PBM), has consistently leveraged its own platform to drive triple-digit growth. However, when the global pandemic hit in 2020, the B2B marketing landscape shifted towards a remote-first, digital-only environment. 

In response, Influ2 developed the 'New Reality' campaign to educate and raise awareness of their Person-Based Advertising (PBA) solution, enabling them to reach decision-makers and buying groups even while they worked from home.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Influ2 was the need to adapt their marketing strategies to the new digital-only restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. They aimed to fill the gap left by the loss of in-person events and offline activities, while providing a firsthand experience of their PBA solution's value.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Influ2 employed a comprehensive campaign strategy that targeted specific verticals within their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and encompassed the entire marketing and sales funnel.

Getting granular with ICP and targeting strategy

Extensive research was conducted to identify the verticals most impacted by the digital-only restrictions. Influ2 narrowed their focus to three main verticals: software, pharmaceutical, and enterprise accounts with an existing ABM program. This targeted approach allowed them to tailor their messaging and creative concepts effectively.

Top-of-funnel (TOFU) - Driving brand awareness and demand

The initial stage of the campaign focused on creating brand awareness and demand generation. Influ2's ad creative showcased the 'new' work-from-home reality and was complemented by a landing page with supporting messaging. The campaign was disseminated through various display and social media channels to reach the target audience. Person-Based Advertising reporting provided valuable insights on engaged individuals, indicating readiness for outreach.

Middle-of-funnel (MOFU) - Engaging prospects and educating buying group members:

Leads that showed engagement were handed over to the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) for personalized outreach. Simultaneously, contacts moved into the MOFU stage, where content and creative aligned with the SDR sequences. This reinforced the benefits of using Influ2's personalized outreach combined with targeted ad creative, thus creating demand and establishing additional touchpoints for future conversations.

Bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) - Convince and convert key decision-makers

As accounts progressed further down the funnel and booked meetings, the campaign transitioned into a one-to-one BOFU stage. The focus here was to address specific pain points of the accounts and support the account executives in closing the deals. Customized campaign creative, tailored to each account, effectively communicated how Influ2 could help solve their challenges.

The Results

The 'New Reality' campaign executed by Influ2 yielded exceptional results, showcasing the power of Person-Based Advertising in driving tangible and measurable outcomes.

Influ2 managed to engage 183 accounts and reach 7k decision makers, 60% of which worked at a C/VP/Director-level. The buzz resulted in 25 demo calls that led to 9 direct conversions.

The campaign generated an impressive 581% ROI, exemplifying the potential of a cohesive marketing and sales orchestration approach.

The three key components were working together to determine target accounts, delivering relevant marketing messages through the funnel in support of sales, and engaging key decision-makers and influencing the broader buying group.

The conslusion

Overall the campaign resulted in 580% ROI and illustrated how taking a Person-Based Advertising approach can be used for cohesive marketing and sales orchestration. The three key ingredients to success were working together to determine target accounts, delivering relevant marketing messages through the funnel in support of sales, and engaging key decision makers and influencing the broader buying group.

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