How Person-Based Advertising helped Influ2 drive 581% ROI on its 'New Reality' campaign

Learn about Influ2’s 'New Reality' campaign approach, which orchestrated marketing and sales activity through the funnel to drive engagement and ROI.

The need to educate and raise awareness in a tangible way during a global pandemic

Influ2 has always 'drunk its own champagne' when it comes to using its platform for ABM.
Until recently, this was our sole marketing activity, contributing to its consistent triple-digit growth.

When COVID19 hit in 2020, it thrust B2B marketers into a remote-first, digital-only world.

As a response, we developed the ‘New Reality’ campaign, looking to raise awareness of how our Person-Based Advertising (PBA) solution could help reach decision-makers and buying groups at target accounts, even if they were working from home.

More importantly, this gave our target audience a first-hand experience of PBA and the value it could deliver.


Getting granular with ICP and targeting strategy

Before launching the campaign, we had to establish effective targeting criteria. In our research, we considered which verticals within our TAM would be most challenged by the digital-only restrictions brought by COViD..

From this analysis, we focused the campaign on three main verticals:

  • Software - While these businesses are typically digitally focused, the loss of in-person events left a gap in their demand programs

  • Pharmaceutical - Typically a vertical that relies on offline activities for marketing and sales. Targeting medical professionals through digital channels, would open the opportunity for these businesses to maintain their connection with their audience.

  • Enterprise accounts with an ABM program - Allowing marketers with an existing ABM strategy and program to get more granular and tangible with targeting.


TOFU - Driving brand awareness and demand

The top-of-funnel (TOFU) campaign creative concept was focused on showing the ‘new’ work-from-home reality with ad creative complemented by a landing page with supporting messaging. This was delivered via various display and social media channels to reach the targeted audience.

Our Person-Based Advertising reporting showed which of the targeted individuals had engaged with the campaign and were ripe for outreach. When the engagement threshold was reached, we passed the lead from the ABM team to the SDRs for outreach.


MOFU - Engaging prospects and educating buying group members

The SDRs took these leads and crafted personalized sequences based on their own research.

In parallel, the contact was moved into a middle-of-funnel (MOFU) stage that was aligned in terms of content and creative to the SDR sequences. The creative approach for this stage of the campaign was about reinforcing to engaged contacts how they could use Influ2 to target their own audiences. This demonstrated how personalized outreach could be used in combination with targeted ad creative to generate demand.

In addition, this provided air cover for the SDR team and created another touch point for buyers that could be referenced in future conversations.


BOFU - Convince and convert key-decision makers

When an account moved further down the funnel and booked a meeting, the key decision-makers and other individuals in the buying group were moved into a one-to-one bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) campaign.

The focus of this stage campaign was to cover the specific pain points of the accounts and was designed to support the account executive working on closing the deal.

For example, with Autodesk (pictured) the campaign creative was related back to the precision of its product. This required a highly customized approach to understand what Autodesk does, what solutions they are using and then pull together creative ideas that would both catch their attention and communicate how Influ2 could help them.

PBA approach extends marketing engagement through the funnel to drive tangible and measurable results

Overall the campaign resulted in 580% ROI and illustrated how taking a Person-Based Advertising approach can be used for cohesive marketing and sales orchestration, by: - Working together to determine target accounts - Delivering relevant marketing messages through the funnel in support of sales; and - Engaging key decision makers and influencing the broader buying group


Accounts engaged


Decision-makers reached


at a C/VP/Director-level


Demo calls


Direct conversions


Return on Investment