How Person-Based Advertising helped unite Mobideo’s marketing and sales teams

Influ2 was a game changer for Mobideo, helping drive effective advertising campaigns, engagement with key decision-makers and providing actionable insights to sales.

Mobideo’s quest for marketing and sales alignment

Focused on digitization of end-to-end management of industrial workforces, Mobideo’s target audience is narrow and highly specialized, and they do not spend a lot of time online. Mobideo’s marketing team needed a more granular and precise way to engage a very difficult-to-reach audience

Additionally, while marketing was bringing in viable leads, the team had a difficult time getting these leads prioritized by sales for follow up. The marketing team sought to bridge this divide by more consistently sourcing high quality leads, and providing the sales team with insights and urgency to encourage follow up.


Person-Based Advertising engagement insights drive trust between marketing and sales

Mobideo used Person-Based Advertising to target existing accounts that sales was working on. It loaded the sales teams’ lists into Influ2 and created highly customized ads to engage these accounts.

Using Influ2, the team delivered these campaigns across various digital and social media channels to reach its niche audience. With Influ2, the team is able collect and aggregate engagement insights at a personal and account level. This lets the sales contact owner receive an immediate notification about their prospect’s engagement within Mobideo’s Hubspot instance.

This helped the marketing team to boost sales engagement with these prospects and collaborate with them to define processes and handoffs between the teams for cohesive, timely, and actionable lead flow across the prospect journey.

A whole new level of ‘smarketing’ collaboration to close deals

Influ2 was able to provide Mobideo’s marketing team with a whole new level of value that informs lead prioritization for sales development representatives (SDRs) and helps drive leads to convert. The success of the initial program drove Mobideo to expand its scope beyond North America. More importantly, this approach helped repair the relationship between marketing and sales, with the two teams working collaboratively together to close deals.


“It’s really easy to see that these are the right leads and it makes sales’ lives so much easier in prioritizing the list and outreach. The sales conversation is different. It's easier…every morning they get a list of the people who are the most engaged today. The sales team is super happy to wake up and see the notifications from HubSpot come in: You have another click from Influ2.

“I think that the biggest advantage was that these are really the people that we are after. I feel as a VP of Marketing, that I am supporting the sales team effort and we can really work together and I think this makes the connection between sales and marketing really powerful.”

Maya Dror Melamed, Former Vice President of Marketing, Mobideo