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Case StudyApr 12, 20223 min

“These Are the Warmest Cold Calls SDRs Can Get” - Mobideo on Person-Based Ads

Influ2 was a game changer for Mobideo, helping drive effective advertising campaigns, engagement with key decision-makers and providing actionable insights to sales.
Maya Dror Melamed
Maya Dror Melamed
Former VP of Marketing at Mobideo

About Mobideo

Mobideo, a company focused on digitizing end-to-end management of industrial workforces, faced a unique challenge in reaching their narrow and highly specialized target audience. The company specializes in optimizing and streamlining the complex processes involved in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing, and energy.

Mobideo's solution empowers field workers, technicians, and managers with real-time access to critical information, work instructions, and documentation through their mobile devices. By leveraging this technology, businesses can enhance communication, collaboration, and decision-making processes across their entire operational chain.

The Challenge

Mobideo's marketing team struggled to effectively engage their specialized target audience, resulting in low lead prioritization by the sales team. This disconnect hampered their ability to convert leads into sales.

The challenge lay in finding a solution that could not only capture the attention of the audience but also foster alignment and collaboration between marketing and sales.

The Solution

To address their challenges, Mobideo turned to Influ2. And this revolutionized their advertising campaigns, engagement with key decision-makers, and provided valuable insights to the sales team. Leveraging person-based advertising, Mobideo loaded the sales team's lists into Influ2 and created highly customized ads to engage their target accounts. These campaigns were strategically delivered across various digital and social media channels, enabling Mobideo to reach their niche audience effectively.

With Influ2, Mobideo's marketing team gained access to detailed and actionable insights through the platform's comprehensive dashboard. This allowed them to track individual clicks on their ads, measure campaign performance, and identify the need for new campaigns every three to four weeks. The insights provided by Influ2 empowered Mobideo's sales development representatives (SDRs) to make warm cold calls, resulting in a more personalized and effective sales conversation. This level of engagement and familiarity was likened to meeting someone already known at an event.

Moreover, Influ2's integration with Mobideo's HubSpot instance enabled the aggregation of engagement data at both a personal and account level. This real-time information allowed the sales team to receive immediate notifications about prospects' engagement, fostering trust and collaboration between marketing and sales. By defining processes and handoffs between the teams, Mobideo achieved a cohesive and timely lead flow throughout the prospect journey.

The Results

The implementation of Influ2's person-based advertising solution proved highly successful for Mobideo. By prioritizing leads based on engagement insights, the marketing team facilitated more streamlined and effective lead conversion for the sales team.

The newfound ability to identify and focus on the right leads made the sales process easier and significantly increased sales team satisfaction. Sales development representatives (SDRs) received daily lists of the most engaged prospects, empowering them to follow up with warm leads.

The success of the initial program led Mobideo to expand its person-based advertising strategy beyond North America, allowing them to target prospects on a global scale.

Importantly, the collaboration between marketing and sales was significantly strengthened, as the teams worked together closely to close deals. This newfound synergy and partnership between the two departments marked a powerful shift in the organization, with marketing effectively supporting the sales team's efforts.

These are really the people that we are after. I feel as a VP of Marketing that I am supporting the sales team effort, and we can really work together, and I think this makes the connection between sales and marketing really powerful.

Maya Dror Melamed, Former VP of Marketing at Mobideo
The conslusion

In conclusion, Mobideo's adoption of Influ2's person-based advertising solution not only enabled them to engage their specialized target audience but also united their marketing and sales teams, resulting in improved lead prioritization, enhanced collaboration, and increased sales conversions.

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