How Hexaware is driving sales velocity and volume using Person-Based Advertising

Hexaware delivers relevant ads to each buying group member across the various stages of the funnel using Person-Based Advertising insights.

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The need for ‘specificity’ limited Hexaware’s ability to increase sales velocity

Human and machine collaboration is at the core of how Hexaware achieves business transformation for its customers. So when it comes to its own marketing, Hexaware’s approach is also to use data and human intellect to discover insights about its target prospects.

But what was vitally missing from its marketing efforts was specificity—the ability to reach prospects one-to-one and to receive person-level campaign analytics back about how these individuals interacted with its ads. Those campaign analytics play an important role in Hexaware’s marketing strategy of using insights to create relevant ads across funnel stages and identifying purchase intent to increase sales velocity.


Person-Based Advertising fills a critical gap in Hexaware’s marketing arsenal

Hexaware selected Influ2 and used Person-Based Advertising to fill the critical gap. Influ2 helped Hexaware reach the decision-makers and influencers at target accounts, and provided the person-level campaign analytics it needed to know which target prospects interacted with which promotions.

Using those granular person-based analytics, Hexaware further segmented its target prospects and created hyper targeted marketing assets focused on the prospect’s funnel stage. It also studied engagement, consumption, scoring, and other indicators to define behavior and determine purchase intent.

By making these insights readily available, the marketing team could create cohesive brand awareness and lead generation programs, and notify sales immediately if a prospect became sales-ready.

Hyper targeted marketing drives lift in sales-ready prospects and increases velocity

Person-Based Advertising combined with hyper targeted marketing assets significantly increased Hexaware’s reach of target prospects, which resulted in a 4X increase sales-ready prospects. Additionally, Hexaware saw an overall lift in conversion volume and sales velocity from the program.


of target prospects reached monthly


increase in targeted ad frequency


lift in sales-ready prospects


“With the highly granular control and visibility [from Influ2], we have an accurate estimate of both funnel stage and media consumption patterns. This helps us narrow down on the buying group, target them with specific messaging that would ultimately help them reach the same decision collectively.”

Rishi Kalapi, Deputy Marketing Manager