How DocJuris is increasing MOFU velocity using Influ2

Person-Based Advertising helps DocJuris engage decision-makers and drives urgency for its solution

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Influencing the right decision-makers at enterprise accounts beyond traditional means

DocJuris has a known market of large global companies. When selling a higher-end enterprise product, influencing key decision-makers is critical for accelerating a deal from mid-funnel to the later sales stages.

But getting its brand in front of those decision-makers is challenging. Traditional channels like events are inefficient, and buying lists and sending emails are mostly ineffective. DocJuris wanted to find an innovative marketing strategy to open up meaningful communication with decision-makers that is both effective and efficient.


Person-Based Advertising fit seamlessly with DocJuris’ existing sales process and focuses on accelerating the mid-funnel

While DocJuris used Person-Based Advertising throughout the funnel, it focused on decision-makers in the mid-funnel. DocJuris used Influ2’s native Salesforce integration to get the program off the ground quickly and to target the same people that sales was trying to have conversations with.

The combined outreach to individuals with messaging specific to how DocJuris’ product solves their problem accelerated the sales cycle with decision-makers. And when someone clicked on an ad, sales was immediately alerted to take action via an integration with Slack with the details on the person and the ad.

Person-Based Advertising influences decision-makers to act quicker

For a product that doesn’t sell itself in two days, bringing velocity to the mid-funnel is incredibly important for DocJuris. By integrating Person-Based Advertising into its marketing and sales process, DocJuris has seen both a quantifiable and qualitative return on its investment.


reach of target decision-makers


impressions delivered to target decision-makers


click-thru rate on top-of-funnel content


“Our sales cycles can vary between three to eight months. It really does vary, depending on size and complexity of the customer, but that's where we are using Influ2 in the middle funnel to really influence those decisions, and make prospects involved in decision-making (or the buying group) move faster.”

Henal Patel, CEO, DocJuris