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How DocJuris Increased Middle-of-the-Funnel Velocity with Influ2

Person-Based Advertising helps DocJuris engage decision-makers and drives urgency for its solution
Henal Patel
Henal Patel
CEO of DocJuris

About DocJuris

DocJuris is an online platform that offers legal document automation and collaboration tools. It aims to streamline the process of creating, editing, and managing legal documents.

The platform typically targets legal professionals, such as lawyers and legal teams, but it may also be useful for individuals or businesses in need of legal document assistance.

The Challenge

Catering to large global enterprises, DocJuris understands the crucial role of engaging key decision-makers in expediting deals through the sales pipeline. As a provider of higher-end enterprise solutions, they recognized the challenge of effectively reaching and influencing these decision-makers using traditional marketing channels.

DocJuris faced difficulty in getting their brand in front of the right decision-makers. Traditional methods such as events proved to be inefficient, while email campaigns based on purchased lists yielded disappointing results. They needed an innovative marketing strategy that would facilitate meaningful communication with decision-makers efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

DocJuris seamlessly integrated Person-Based Advertising into their existing sales process, focusing specifically on decision-makers in the mid-funnel. Leveraging Influ2's native Salesforce integration, they swiftly launched their program and targeted the very individuals with whom their sales team aimed to engage.

By combining personalized outreach with tailored messaging that showcased how DocJuris' product addresses their specific pain points, the sales cycle was accelerated with decision-makers.

Whenever an ad was clicked, the sales team received real-time notifications through an integration with Slack, providing key details about the person and the specific ad that caught their attention. This enabled prompt action.

The Results

DocJuris' incorporation of Person-Based Advertising into their marketing and sales process yielded both quantifiable and qualitative returns on investment. Notably, they achieved impressive results that significantly impacted their MOFU velocity:

1. Reach of target decision-makers: DocJuris successfully reached 30-50% of their intended decision-makers, ensuring their brand message reached the right audience.

2. Impressions delivered to target decision-makers: Over the course of their campaign, they delivered a remarkable 180,000 impressions to their intended decision-makers, maximizing exposure and brand visibility.

3. Click-through rate (CTR) on top-of-the-funnel content: By utilizing Person-Based Advertising, DocJuris achieved an impressive 7% CTR on their top-of-the-funnel content, showcasing the effectiveness of their targeted approach in capturing decision-makers' attention.

Our sales cycles can vary between three to eight months. It really does vary, depending on size and complexity of the customer, but that's where we are using Influ2 in the middle funnel to really influence those decisions, and make prospects involved in decision-making (or the buying group) move faster.

Henal Patel, CEO of DocJuris
The conslusion

Through their collaboration with Influ2, DocJuris successfully empowered decision-makers to act with greater urgency, effectively accelerating their sales cycle and driving business growth.

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