How taking a person-based approach helped NVIDIA align its sales and marketing

Learn how Person-Based Marketing helped Ari Capogeannis and his team align with sales to deliver a coordinated, timely and relevant experience to decision makers at their target accounts.

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Uncoordinated and irrelevant activity was negatively impacting customer experience

Ari Capogeannis, Director of Revenue Marketing, wanted to create a better coordinated journey that delivered high value, and personalized interactions across the spectrum of NVIDIA’s marketing and sales funnel

Their target accounts consisted (on average) of nine or more key decision makers, who were getting hit by six to eight different message sources within the business. This approach often resulted in engagement that was irrelevant and/or confusing.

Ari’s goal was to help bring sales and marketing into better alignment, and improve the overall customer experience. A key part of meeting this goal required the right technology that could help Ari and his team identify key decision makers and personalize their journeys in a coordinated fashion, improve the experience, and deliver actionable data for continuous improvement.

In short, Ari’s team needed to get the right message to the right person at the right time.


Blurring the lines of marketing and sales to align the customer journey

The team started by creating ‘swimlanes’ by prospect role and stage in the buying process to curate relevant personal experiences.

The accompanying strategy developed from this went beyond traditional Account-Based Marketing. It was an end-to-end fusion between sales, and marketing into one revenue ops cycle, with a focus on conversion.

Plugged into this process were person-based ads, which enabled the team to target display and social media ads to decision makers and buying groups at its existing target accounts and provide actionable reporting on their engagement.


Person-Based Advertising helps re-discover and re-engage key decision-makers

The sales teams received targeted account decision-makers as they engaged to set up meetings, regardless of whether they have hit a MQL threshold. At the same time, the marketing team created varying traditional lever tracks relevant to that specific decision maker and ran accompanying targeted PBM campaigns.

Person-based ads have collectively helped the team identify in-market accounts and qualify leads automatically. The campaign created 273 engagements between sales and decision makers through automated plays, which in the past would have taken significantly more resources to achieve.

Most importantly, sales and marketing were able to engage with in-market decision makers, accelerating the journey to pipeline creation.