How taking a Person-Based Advertising approach helped DISCO ‘re-connect’ with its audience and drive new opportunities

The pandemic thrust DISCO into a ‘new reality’. Unable to rely on SDR outreach and events for a majority of their outreach, DISCO used Person-Based Advertising to close this gap and reconnect to its audience.


The need to reach and connect with a remote, digital-first audience

DISCO focuses on AI and cloud computing technology for companies and government agencies in the legal industry.

Before the pandemic, DISCO heavily relied on more analog approaches to reach its audience: physical events and phone-based SDR outreach. However, the pandemic forced a sudden shift to a remote, digital-first workplace literally overnight, throwing their sales process into chaos.

Prospects working from home meant that they weren’t attending events or answering their work phones; this put DISCO’s in a difficult position when trying to engage and connect with their audience.


Closing the gap between DISCO and its audience with Person-Based Advertising

To help close the gap created by the pandemic, DISCO worked with Influ2 to build Person-Based Advertising (PBA) campaigns designed to reach specific decision-makers at its target accounts. The benefit of this approach was in being able to confidently reach the audience DISCO needed to target, with highly personalized ads and content to increase engagement.

After a successful PoC, DISCO extended its paid media programs to experiment with creation of and delivery of content at different states of the purchase journey. For example, if a contact was in the awareness stage, they were placed in a campaign that delivers content reinforcing DISCO’s value proposition.

In addition to this, DISCO tested using a mixture of Pardot forms, drip campaigns and CTAs in conjunction with PBA campaigns.

Scale, reach and meaningful engagement with target accounts

DISCO’s Influ2 campaign enabled it to reach a significant proportion of its audience and bridge the engagement gap left by the pandemic’s shift to a remote and digital-first audience..

In particular at one of its accounts, a world-leading financial institution, DISCO received 40 clicks from the actual decision makers. Engagement on the ads to this account alone included over 1,700 impressions and three direct visits to digital assets connected to the ads.

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