Influ2 Named Top-20 NYC Startup

The New York VC Network named Influ2 as a Top 20 start-up that are raising their Seed/Series A funding.


We’re excited to announce that the New York VC Network included Influ2 in the Top 20 out of NYC Top 50 companies that are raising their Seed/Series A funding. The New York VC Network is a network of 700+ VCs, LPs, and family offices operating in NYC, and their biggest ambition is to find and support the next world-changing founders in New York. Influ2 was featured as a company that, “makes B2B advertising truly effective,” and a solution that uncovers the names of people who have actually seen your ads and clicked on them.

The New York VC Network’s Rating Committee consisted of current and former VCs, angel investors, exited entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 employees in M&A roles - all people who truly understand the startup space and the essentials that make a great company. And, the evaluation process took into account team, traction and scalability.

Receiving this recognition is an honor, especially in a year that has been as challenging as 2020. B2B marketers have had to quickly change their strategy and approach, due to the pandemic, and all marketing and advertising initiatives can only exist online. And, that is the purpose of Influ2, to help B2B marketers drive more success in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

That’s why this has been such an important year for us and we’ve been devoted to helping companies digitally transform their approach to marketing and advertising so that they can continue to grow their businesses in a tough economic climate. We even launched a ‘New Reality’ ABM campaign that shows B2B marketers how they can use Influ2 to bring relevant content to buying groups at a time when their targets are open to receiving the intended message.

While no one knows what the future holds, we will continue to focus on offering a product that will help companies move forward and gain new clients, no matter the circumstances. Because we do live in a noisy world, full of constant ongoing content. The only way you can get someone’s attention is if you really stand out and connect with them directly in a meaningful way.

New York VC Network recognizing Influ2 as a top NYC Startup shows that our industry peers can see the value of Influ2 and understand how our solution makes ‘B2B advertising truly effective.’ That’s our mission and we will continue to bring other B2B marketers on board and help them make their programs impactful and successful.

So, our thanks go out to the New York VC Network, we’re truly honored!

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the year, and we know that there is more good news to come!

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