CXO Conversations: Influ2 Founder & CEO Discusses The Advantages Of Buying Group Marketing

Buying Group Marketing is the next evolution of Account-Based Marketing. Listen in to learn the advantages BGM can bring to a traditional ABM process.


This interview originally appeared in Demand Gen Report.

What: Buying Group Marketing shifts the focus away from a strictly account view and into the individual buying groups. This gives marketers a more granular approach and enables creating personalized buyer journeys that help build brand awareness.

Why: Account-based Marketing helped create a revolution in how marketing approaches B2B buyer journeys, but customer behaviors have changed and marketers need to adapt in order to continue to make an impact.

Big Picture: Buying Group Marketing is the next evolution of ABM, and gives marketers a new and more modern framework to approaching marketing for complex products with long sales cycles.

In this episode, Host Klaudia Tirico sits down with Dmitri Lisitski, CEO of Influ2, a person-based marketing platform for B2B companies, to chat about buyer group marketing. Buying group marketing is a new way of thinking about individuals involved in making a purchasing decision. This tactic creates space for faster conversion through the funnel.

Throughout the episode, Tirico and Lisitski discuss the clear advantages of taking buying groups into consideration when developing marketing and sales messaging. Lisitski also explains how INFLU2 incorporates this strategy into its efforts.

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