Influ2 V2 has arrived

The world's first Person-Based Advertising platform

Make your digital and social media ad dollars work harder. Uncover key decision-makers and buying groups at your target accounts, deliver them highly targeted and relevant ads and receive granular engagement insights using Person-Based Advertising.

Uncover the 98% of prospects who don't convert

Only 1 in 4 interested prospects fill out a lead form. Capture engagement insights of every prospect by taking your advertising out of the dark funnel with Influ2.

Deliver ad campaigns to decision-makers at target accounts

Find exact contacts that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) using our Audience Discovery tool. Upload your creative assets and Influ2 will flight your campaign through its network of display and social media channels to reach your selected audience.

Audience Discovery tool

Engagement insights and reporting at a person and account-level

View your overall campaign metrics in an easy-to-use dashboard and track all engagements across your key accounts, buying groups, and decision-makers. See your overall impressions, clicks, and reach broken up by all targets in the campaign.

Learn more about behavioral scoring

Influ2 Engagement insights

Elevate existing workflows with engagement metrics

Sync Person-Based Advertising campaign results in your existing CRM, MAPs and Sales Engagement platforms to:

  1. Enrich your lead scoring models with engagement data
  2. Enhance your nurture sequences and broader marketing program
  3. Empower your sales outreach with tangible contact-level insights

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