Consider a career with a team of inspiring individuals who support each other to be their best every day

A pioneer of Person-Based Advertising, Influ2 offers its team a supportive learning environment to dive deep into the latest Adtech and Martech technology, competitive salary and fully remote working. Also, how many companies have their own rock bands?!

Why become an Influ2encer?

Influ2encers are a passionate and supportive group of adults who value innovation, agility and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Being a pioneer within the Adtech and Martech industry requires forethought. There are no right answers and we don't always have all the answers. That's why Influ2encers love to engage in lively conversation and debate to learn from one another. At Influ2, everyone has a seat at the table to contribute their ideas and be heard.

A team that plays together, stays together. We take this quite literally, with our Influ2 band who have a regular spot at every team event!

Headquartered in the US the Influ2 team of 90+ is fully remote and located across the US, Israel and Europe.


What does Influ2 do?

Influ2 is a Person-Based Advertising platform that is purpose-built for B2B marketers who want to amplify their enterprise reach and revenue. It serves ads to specific decision-markers via display and social networks and provides sales with person-based and buying group insights that drive engagement within their target accounts.

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What do Influ2encers think?
Tim Alexandrov, Product Manager
Working at Influ2 allows you to develop new skills and focus on self-development. The product makes an impact and you can directly see it.
Naama Shachar, Customer Success Manager
Such a great team and company to work in! I love how everyone is constantly focused on how to do things better.
Kyler Wagner, Product Marketing Manager
You can feel the energy of each individual and see that they want the company to grow as big as possible. I’m proud to be a part of such a team.
Maryna Shylkova, Data Mining Team Lead
Imagine the head of the department taking time outside working hours to lead a course, just to help teach you something new! I get a tremendously high level of support at Influ2.
Arsen Kakheli, Data Mining Specialist
Influ2 is the perfect chance to see what a huge family is like - friendship, empathy and understanding are all here. Also, how many companies have their own rock bands?!