What is Buying Group Marketing?

Account-based Marketing is not a new term for B2B marketers. But how effective is it, and does the idea need to be revisited or changed?

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We all know (or are one) marketers that have pivoted their efforts to focus on Account-based Marketing. The proposition sounds tantalizing and promises to give marketers a way for them to truly focus their efforts on just the right targets. No more boiling the ocean to find leads, but directly going towards key accounts.

When speaking with marketers across different verticals, we often hear the same frustrations when trying to execute on an ABM strategy: it's difficult to align on accounts and activities, to create customized experience, and to actually ensure that those experiences are delivered to just the right individuals.

Enter Buying Group Marketing. BGM is the next evolution of ABM, and the newest approach to making the ABM concept effective on a tactical level. To learn more about Buying Group Marketing, we've put together a quick guide that highlights:

  • What's working, and not working in Account-Based Marketing
  • The step-by-step on how Buying Group Marketing works and its benefits for marketers
  • Where you should and shouldn't use BGM
  • How Buying Group Marketing helps achieve sales and marketing alignment
What's Inside

An evolution, not a revolution

Why ABM needs to evolve in order to meet its lofty expectations

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Where is ABM succeeding, and where is it falling short?

ABM has caused a complete shift in how marketing teams approach their audience, but how effective has its implementation been?

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Podcast: Taking your ABM to the next level with Ari Capogeannis

How do you take your account-based programs to the next level through Buying Group Marketing? Listen in as Ari Capogeannis, Director of Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA, walks through how he uses BGM in his go-to-market approach.

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How Buying Group Marketing works and the benefits it can deliver for marketers

How BGM is both similar and different from existing approaches to ABM, and why that matters

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Podcast: The ins and outs of Buying Group Marketing with Amisha Gandhi

Buying Group Marketing sounds great, but how do you actually get started with a program? Listen in to Amisha Gandhi, SVP of Marketing at Tipalti, getting into the thick of things around personas and personalization when it comes to Buying Group Marketing.

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The case for and against Buying Group Marketing

Nothing is new under the sun, so why bother with a new but similar concept?

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Podcast: Jon Russo Talks Buying Group Marketing

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, David Rowlands spoke with Jon Russo, CMO and founder of B2B Fusion, to talk all things Buying Group Marketing (BGM). David and Jon talk through the potential shortcomings of ABM, as well as its possible evolution into an even more targeted strategy.

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It’s time to evolve your ABM

Why BGM is the logical next step for ABM practitioners

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Podcast: The ABCs of BGM with Dmitri Lisitski

For Influ2’s co-founder, Buying Group Marketing (BGM) is the natural evolution of ABM, providing laser-focused insight on personas within a buying group. Dmitri and David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, walk you through the ins and outs of BGM. They discuss the steps you need to take to hit the BGM ground running and the transformative results you can expect.

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Why it’s time for marketing and sales to cozy up

BGM is really about the ever-elusive idea of sales and marketing alignment. Here’s how you can finally achieve it.

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Podcast: Delivering the right message, at the right time, via the right channels with Riaz Kanani

We all know the ‘three rights’ mantra. To successfully reach your customers, you need to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channels. But what does this look like in practice? Radiate’s B2B CEO and founder, Riaz Kanani, sat down with David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, to discuss all.

Riaz and David explore the layers to delivering a successful targeted approach. They discuss upcycling and adapting personalised content (rather than creating a new piece every time), the need for sales and marketing to share the same targets and why ABM isn’t a silver bullet.

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Find out how to elevate your Account-Based Marketing by taking a Buying Group Marketing approach

Align your sales and marketing motions around the key decision-makers and buying groups within your target accounts.