It's Time To Evolve Your ABM

Why BGM is the logical next step for ABM practitioners

As the buying group grows ever larger, customer expectations get more exacting, digital and in-person attention becomes increasingly premium, and data regulations tighten, marketers need to try harder.

ABM was the answer to many of these growing challenges over the last decade, but, as time has worn on, it’s clear there’s room for refinement.

BGM feels like a logical next step in a world that takes account-based strategies as a given, and which now realizes it’s the people behind the businesses who really matter

Of course, you don’t need BGM to align marketing and sales, create joined up customer experiences, deliver hyper-personalized content, increase deal sizes and accelerate pipeline, but it does help.

Effective BGM is done in stages, and in tandem with brand awareness.

That’s how you’ll see the results that BGM can yield. Not just greater ROI on your campaign, but higher levels of engagement across the funnel, resulting in better relationships and the greater opportunity of larger deal sizes and repeat revenue.

BGM isn’t a reinvention of ABM. Instead, it looks at the strategy through the lens of the people, rather than the business. And who doesn’t want to humanize B2B more?

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