An Evolution Not A Revolution

Why ABM needs to evolve in order to meet its lofty expectations

At B2B Marketing, we always strive to keep marketers up to date with the latest trends, insights, ideas, technologies and more. In fact, it feels like only yesterday that we were first discussing the idea of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). As we all know, the topic has since exploded, as evidenced by the fact that our own ABM Conference brings in large crowds every year, with attendees eager to learn more about the topic.

Of course, with all this new insight, data and technology comes evolution. People learn what’s working and what’s not. Fundamentally, they learn what needs to be done to keep ahead of their competition.

With that in mind, I recently interviewed five expert marketers (see the contents page) to discuss a new concept: Buying Group Marketing (BGM).

We discussed everything from what it means, to how it works, to what it delivers, and to whether or not it’s anything new. Their responses provided the information we needed to build this report, but if you want to check out the individual interviews, we’ll be releasing them as podcasts over the coming weeks.

At its heart, BGM is an evolution of ABM. It takes those core principles and strives to be even more targeted, looking not just at the account level, but at the specific buying group involved in the account. It is not there to replace ABM by any stretch. It’s a case of building on ABM and delivering what’s required from both marketers and their customers.

So, with in mind, we hope you enjoy this latest report!

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