Accounts don't make decisions. People do. Advertise accordingly.

Person-Based Advertising delivers ads directly to decision makers at your target accounts. Giving B2B marketing and sales teams tangible ad engagement metrics to drive activity.

Take your advertising out of the dark funnel

Influ2 empowers B2B companies to target and track individual ad engagement.

Go beyond accounts, to focus on the people making decisions.

Focus on people, not just accounts. Influ2 allows you to select who will see your ads. This means that only relevant people within targeted accounts will see them. Connect your CRM or marketing automation software to sync your targeting with your sales or marketing funnel. Influ2 offers integrations with all the major CRM and marketing automation software, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Outreach, and more.

Put the personal back into personalization with relevance
Intent and engagement insight at the person-based level
Insight to determine your next best marketing and sales action


/ Aristomenis Capogeannis Director, Revenue Marketing

“Influ2 helps us uncover decision makers by stage, by role, by account, both customers and non-customers. Then we drive those decision makers to re-engage in their experiences.

"It’s way beyond the days of spraying and praying based on soft firmographic and demographic information and targeting.”

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