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Truly coordinating your sales and marketing

Make ads an essential part of the sales conversation

Buyers who engage with Influ2’s person-based ads convert to the sales pipeline 2.26x better.

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Turn ads into your ultimate sales multiplier

Run person-based ads in sync with sales

Instead of wasting ad budget on people outside of your buying group, use Influ2 to show ads to specific decision makers. Reach prospects across all major social and display networks and track contact-level intent. 

“Influ2 helps us make sense of our targeted ads.”
Howard Shulman
VP of GTM, Lightico

Gain transparency between sales and marketing

Help marketing and sales work as one GTM team within a unified funnel: speak to the same people, align marketing content with sales context, and leverage marketing signals to prioritize and personalize sales outreach.

“Influ2 is helping us bridge the gap between different stages of the sales funnel.”
Megan Fiorendino
Marketing Manager, Capillary

Track revenue impact from first touch to closed deal

See how much pipeline was generated with ad influence and how significant that influence really was. Measure Influ2’s impact within existing opportunities, too—all of it in real dollars and cents.

“Influ2 makes it really easy to justify and route marketing dollars.”
Dan Wallace-Brewster
SVP Marketing, ESW

People make decisions, not accounts. Advertise accordingly

Unique privacy-first technology

Rely on our algorithm that matches using first-party data, doesn’t utilize IPs or cookies while ensuring CCPA/GDPR compliance.

Unmatched for targeting unreachable audiences

Reach the most unattainable buyers (including enterprise and niche) with person-based ads that get through to decision makers.

Multi-platform ad support for holistic targeting

Serve person-based ads wherever your prospects are (and where no one else can reach them), including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, and Amazon.

Flexible integrations within your environment

Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, SalesLoft, and more—all of it tailor-made to your needs.

Easy implementation and onboarding

Deploy and onboard in days, launch campaigns with little to no learning curve, and leave all the heavy lifting to us.

Commitment to best-in-class data protection

Reassure your infosec team with the highest customer data protection standards—SOC2 Type II certified.

Person-based advertising
that gives revenue teams the edge

  • Run ads that target the decision makers you want to talk to
  • Take full control of the buyers’ journey and surround them with relevant content
  • Trace path to revenue so you can make informed decisions

Don’t just take it from us, hear from our customers


“Much smarter use of media spend, and saving us $1000s month in waste.”

We have way more visibility into WHO is interested in us and a lot stronger insight into WHY they're interested.

Caitlin Will
Caitlin Will
CMO and Head of Sales at Repsly

“Wholly Unique Targeting Capabilities”

I've yet to find another platform that can target the way Influ2 can. It offers a very unique way of being able to observe user activity at the individual level.

Josh P.
Senior Director of Strategy at CommCreative

“A fantastic tool to help our sales team get in front of target customers”

Influ2 is allowing us to get our brand in front of people we have not been able to through traditional sales attempts.

Stefani Reed
Director of Marketing at EnerCorp

“Next level ABM software”

Influ2 insures we reach key stakeholders in the companies we sell to - across multiple ad platforms.

Christoffer Pettersson
Head of Growth at Minna Technologies

“Can you fall in love with a vendor?”

Influ2 has that unique composition of a great and unique product, a remarkable attitude towards prospects and customers, and very smart and committed people.

Adir Ben Ezri
Director of Growth at Sapiens

“They are truly dedicated to my success”

It's a very easy-to-use platform, which allowed me to manage our ads internally without needing to rely on an agency.

Sharon Correale
Marketing Director at LeaseHawk

“The Best Tool for Niche B2B Audience Targets”

You don't have to waste ad spend spraying and praying that you are reaching the right people.

Amy Grucela
SVP of Marketing Strategy at CommCreative

“Influ2 is a game changer”

Influ2 allows us to be one step ahead of the curve with our marketing campaigns.

Shalev Sabag
B2B Marketer at Optimove
Ads that help you sell. It’s really that simple.

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Ads that help you sell
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