Stop Guessing and Start Doing: How to Make Person-Based Advertising Your Smarketing Superpower

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With the threat of a potential economic downturn looming, expectations for marketing and sales are up, while budgets have gone down.

Many organizations are either reducing their workforce, placing hiring freezes, or slowing down the pace of their hiring. This puts pressure on existing sales and marketing teams to be able to meet set targets with essentially less money and less resource. With "extra" programs being cut, and sales and marketing teams leaning on increased outbound to make up any potential gaps, both sides of the buying journey are feeling intense pressure.

In this kind of environment, what is the best way for organizations to stand out from the pack?

Join us as Nirosha Methananda, our VP of Marketing, walks through the current macroeconomic environment facing B2B sales and marketing teams, and how Person-Based Advertising can help teams stand out from the pack during difficult economic times.


Nirosha Methananda, VP of Marketing, Influ2

Nirosha Methananda

VP of Marketing at Influ2

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