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The first person-based marketing platform for B2B companies

Show ads to specific people

Analyze your ad impact on each targeted person


Focus on people, not just accounts. Influ2 allows you to select who will see your ads. This means that only relevant people within targeted accounts will see them. Connect your CRM or marketing automation software to sync your targeting with your sales or marketing funnel. Influ2 offers integrations with all the major CRM and marketing automation software, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Outreach, and more.


Thanks to person-based ads, you know who your targets are, down to their name and job title. Create a few different messages for different personas within one account. Keep it relevant to the person’s job function or area of responsibility. You wouldn’t talk to a VP of marketing the same way you would to an HR director, so why would you show them the same ad?


Every impression, click, visit or engagement is an intent signal. Influ2 allows you to track all of them on a person-to-person basis. Use this data to prioritize to get a better understanding of how engaging your message is for a particular account and people within this account.


Behavioral scoring allows you to reveal sales-ready prospects and accounts that you would not have noticed otherwise. Influ2 measures your ad’s impact on every person you are targeting and converts into a target score so you can easily identify qualified leads with the highest priority. If the person clicks on your ad two times, then spends over 120 seconds at your landing page and returns to your website two times within one week, that is a strong signal the person is interested and willing to talk. Influ2 tracks all of these engagements and translates them into a behavioral score so your marketing and sales team can act on it.

What do our
customers say?

Stephen Ngo

Digital Growth Manager, ProfitWell

“We’re using Influ2 to generate targeted awareness among prospects before outreach.

Our clients are typically mid-to-large organizations that have a few key decision makers who are our target customers; however, traditional online ABM platforms don’t allow us to target those key decision makers, but rather the whole organization. As a result, we can’t be sure that the right people within the prospective client organization are seeing our messaging.

Person-based advertising helps us by ensuring that the exact right B2B decision makers are being reached prior to a sales engagement, which drives measurable success by increasing response rates to outbound sales efforts.”

Tim Ganul

Business Development Manager, Ajax Systems

“Influ2 is amazing! I finally got on a call with the client I was trying to get for the last 2 month. The client actually reached out for a call himself after he saw our ad. PBM is a great concept for closing deals!”

+ 50 more companies that use person-based ads to grow their marketing ROI by up to 5x

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