Learn How To Use Behavioral Scoring To Measure Your Campaign's More Effectively And Increase Your Leads

Measuring effectively can be challenging, but behavioral scoring can help. Learn about our experience with behavioral scoring and how improved the way we measured our campaigns to reveal more prospects.


ABM has become an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy, but many marketers are still struggling with how to effectively measure the success of their campaigns - and that includes Influ2. Recently, we had an experience that showed us we were missing sales opportunities due to the way that we measured.

Our playbook was very straightforward: once a person clicks on our advertisement, they get a chain of automated emails regarding the content they clicked on. So, a lead was only marked as a sales opportunity if they replied to our automated emails triggered by a click.

However, we were not factoring in ad clicks, ad impressions, page visits, direct website visits, or time spent on a page. And, all of these signals are great indicators of a person’s interest in your offer. How do we know this?

We took two years of user data and built a model that helped us to translate intent signals from advertising into a ‘behavioral score.’ When analyzing our campaigns through this new model, using behavioral scoring, we were able to reveal 167 missed sales opportunities in our pipeline!

And, we didn’t just calculate the behavioral score for the account, but every prospect within the account because we believe it is people who are the decision-makers. And, not accounts, that’s why staying person-focused is always of the utmost importance to us.

This new approach to scoring has been a game-changer, and we wanted to share this system so that other marketers can apply it to their campaigns - and reveal the opportunities that they’ve been missing.

Learn more about our experience with behavioral scoring and how it can help you measure more effectively.

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